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And there it is

To all my street art friends, or as Wattsie would say, “I wrote for Bob Hope”. There it is. Ten years. Thank you one and all. All the friends met and unmet across four thousand posts and a hundred thousand … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 94 thongs of the fisherman

These pictures sum up our troubled times. They were taken almost on the spot of the 2008 crab carcasses. A humble man’s (or woman’s, but probably a man’s) footwear cast aside. The empty vessel of his refreshment crushed. Pilgrims and … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 26 to the victor the spoils

The hundreds of helicopters I’d flown in for CHOGM began to draw together until they formed a collective meta-CHOGM…and in my mind it was the most vibrant thing going; headline-deadline, print-broadcast, right wing-greenie, nimble, fluent, canny and human; hot sucked … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday Nein

This city gets sicker. It’s a mistake to think you’ve seen everything as a reporter. I’ve witnessed junkies dead for four days in brown Fremantle units; 50-year-old councillors square off by a rose garden; a woman in Nollamara try to … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 4

Head pounding, lips cracked and dry, neighbour hammering at drums, and power off for six hours while something is done with power poles. So thank god an associate brought this back from his Camino walk. It is a nail clipper … Continue reading

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stick it to them

Betty just moved to Freo from Germany! Imagine her looking forward to seeing stiltwalkers, vibrant cafes, ships with no lead but with live sheep, musicians, The Herald (aka The Chook), Little Creatures, the Bon Scott statue, the old synagogue, the … Continue reading

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