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What is wrong with youse pigs?

Thousands a week of you are still viewing a closed website.What is wrong with you? 112,000 views last year! On a closed and unresponsive blog? Granted 85,000 of those views were from the evermore plaintive dogging community but even so, … Continue reading

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Martin LT shares a superb picture. Tableaux, no risk. No explanation required. Bassendean. It’s all just so good. 

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Lazy Post Vibrancy

Has yarnbombing reached such low levels that  they are just printing it out now? Just a piece of plastic. I don’t see stitch one. Or is this post truth post vibrancy. 

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Outrage Sunday 226 bring me the head of Ingvar Kamprad

That ribbon-muter Bento has been to the big blue building again. Has this cropped up in the Perth shop? Perhaps we’re not fussed? At least Ingvar doesn’t have shrunken Santa heads on his shelves. Gotta run! I’m off to read … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 224 apoligies 

This outrage has been sent to Bethany. I did pop in, though, to get some mulloway doodles ($79/kg).     I came near to a meltdown at this. No wonder they are no longer with us. Language banditry.     … Continue reading

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Garlic Munchers

Is that racist? And what with garlic prices the way they are, surely it would only be Claremont Tiger fans who could afford to munch it these days. Bassendean.

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Thank you for driving safely

The gateway to the Swan Valley! Meanwhile, TLA had a blast in Denmark! 

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Sitting on it

Jamie Redfern and Liberace. Bassendean. Possibly caused by a power vacuum as Rolf downgraded to The Boy from Bayswater.

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Tagged and Bagged

I was trying to find the location of this Rolf post plaque to see if it had been raped by locals. XXS found that it had been pedo’d. It’s on Bassendean Rd.

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International Relations

What better way to celebrate goodwill to all men as Jesus goes down? If the Ukranians and Russians could only “curry & stubby” it would be the end of conflict. Although you won’t be able to buy a stubby, or … Continue reading

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