Cuban Book Burning Book Club

Getting together to discuss books, criticism fuelled by rum based cocktails. Guest speakers and gourmet snacks. If they don’t stack up, they get burnt. A credible effort to read the book essential before burning. For example, if you want to burn Ben Elton’s Stark, (and you really should) you will have to endure every single smug phrase. There are some works and authors that no longer deserve their reputation. Some have held up well. Let’s see which ones.dirtpemberley fragment shell deersaloon corris

21 Responses to Cuban Book Burning Book Club

  1. Book burning season is nearly on us again, (so soon?). Moving the Cuban Book Burning Book Club to TWOP. Next event to be advised.


  2. rottobloggo says:

    YES. As you can see, the participants are devastatingly handsome. I have a tome or two ready to go. Kosher Commune Casa Cohen this weekend?
    (DFOC, stinking up the library).


  3. rottobloggo says:

    I may have a prime Macca ready for some extra hot coals.


  4. Lovely book burning weather. Trouble is, I’ve burnt almost everything that deserved it on my shelves. I actually threw ben Elton’s Stark in the bin after reading 1/3 of it, before book burning became this cool thing to do. Do I have to rebuy it to burn it?


  5. ==CULTURE==

    “What’s the difference between Perth and a tub of yoghurt? You’ll find a living culture in a tub of yoghurt. “ Hugh Morris Joke Book

    It’s true – Oprah Winfrey has never been to Perth, proof Perth is a cultural backwater. If she did come, what would she do? Buy the penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton, check out all them last season size-sixers at David Jones, do a workout at Laurie Potter’s, take a bath in the cooling fountains of amoeba at Betty’s Jetty? She might even towel down and perform a Spanda ballet. Why not? Perth is the new crazy.
    As a book lover, she’d be staggered to visit the Cuban Book Burning Book Club and the rum fuelled gathering of Perth Philistines who celebrate their distillations to the book burning warmth of Fahrenheit 451. If you can’t find an old copy of a book, it’s likely you’ll find it was burnt in the stoking coals at the Kohen Kasa Kommune where the scoriae char-char-char on club night. Ben Elton might have been the spark that licked these bonfires of vanities, but it’s evident Tim Winton keeps the home fires burning. Sorry kiddies, as long as **my\delete\delete** his sister is in charge of the English syllabus, Cloudstreet will remain in print. It’s an envious income stream to budding writers. Even failed ones – Phwoar!
    Bawling back to Oprah, the three amigos – Henny Fowl, The Rotter, and Ozzie Bludge Sledgeman – of the Cuban Book Burning Book Club could offer her disserts filled with extracted condensates of magic realism as they goo together in conjunto de tres servings of creamy cunnilingus and Cloudstreet. If I read this can I burn the book?

    Everthing is normal and right. Lestah looks at his retarded son again. The pig winks, rolls in the bog, and snuffles a Wintoning breath of grunting auto-erotic asphyxiation. Quick laughs. Fish laughs too. They’re both laughing. They’re laughing so hard they roll around the bog with the pig until they’re out of breath. Quick kneels in the mud and laughs at Fish dripping in filth. Fish laughs too. This sets them off laughing and chiacking again.
    Oriel comes home and Quick runs to meet her.
    ‘Can we have some money?’
    She slips her hand into her pre-1959 pantyhose and pulls a florin from her kuntkini..
    ‘Do you want the change?’ asks Quick.
    He laughs, the pig snorts, and Fish convulses hysterically. Their laughter fills the briny air. Somewhere, a bicycle bell rings. Mad-dog Adrian howls at a horrified tram driver. Tiger Kelly chases Ginger Meggs down the street.
    Lestah feels a little crook, goes over to the cocos palm, and pukes up a gold nugget …

    Winfey to Winton
    passing muchachos Cubans.
    Haikasm, THE END


  6. Lisa McKimmie says:

    I can not make it to Perth to make my argument but please, please burn Marlo Morgan’s Mutant Message Downunder. It’s a fictional book that was often mistakenly classified as nonfiction by public libraries and even universities. Written by an American tourist it claims insight and knowledge of Australian Aboriginal wisdom such as secret healing for broken limbs etc. She claimed to have gone Walkabout and been initiated but the book is a steaming pile of outrageous bull.
    Sadly I’ve had to spend the last 25 years since reading this book (recommended by a Canadian friend) re-education people about Australian indigenous culture and history.
    It needs to be burnt.


  7. Maza says:

    why would you burn tim wintons dirt music? I dont get it.


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