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I apologise that I was unable to capture just how gold and just how terrible this thing looks. Imagine it looks say…8 or 9 times as shithouse as it appears here. Don’t know what coconut run is. Does it involve … Continue reading

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having a crack

It’s time for another police post. First Class Constable Aaron Cocks is looking for two men who can help with his enquiries into a Melville crime. Just after 4am on Australia Day, two men entered a car yard on Leach … Continue reading

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Animals, food, thinking. 

Have I not put this up before? Can’t find it. Wonderful Sydney Bongo Van finding its spiritual home in Fremantle. #Chris D.  

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Outrage Sunday 280 Coconut Run

It’s not quite a gold Torana of the soul, but this Stirling Highway scene was spiritually enriching. There’s gold in Caversham – but not of the shiny sort. If that doesn’t signal the driver, then nothing will. You used to … Continue reading

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Point Percy

I’ve always called Point Walter Point Percy. Reign of Error shows why. Driving a Volvo, you’re already kind of in C&B territory. 

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Sliding Doors

I will only open the boot if it’s on the chain. You never know who’s in there. A chain latch. Wonderful. By Chris D. Hamilton Hill. 

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Stretching the Truth 

A Nissan Navarra Limo. Nissan. Navarro. Limo.  I thought I dreamt it. But it’s real alright. A car even the gods thought impossible. Cottesloe Beach. 

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