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Disarm the fascists 

Or, if you prefer, Pet Food Only. The Venn diagram would have many intersections. CBD.  

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Outrage Sunday 263 free car door

Even high-rise apartments aren’t safe from the uniquely-WA phenomenon of cars driving into bedrooms. Here, a Cambridge Street denizen, having obtained all the spare parts he can, leaves one of the doors out in the verge pick-up. This is where … Continue reading

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The Crewman and The Snow Woman

A ute decoration so ill judged and risible that it’s almost great. By Mancey, Bunbury. 

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Outrage Sunday 258 La Palme d’Or de Burswood

A ute of gold with the tree of man. Apoligies in advance for any inconveineince: Just who is this bloke? He’s still there. Perhaps he’s the patron saint of Savlon (which can fix anything), or been falsely accused of something. … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 254 Northern Suburbs

That crown-fumbling Bento provides a timely update on a superb Bayswater bus stop, with bonus registered lawn. I prefer this verdant winter shot. This is just enraging. More Bethany time for me. Subiaco, where Fire & Ice was. Hopefully they’ll … Continue reading

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Shit Ute

NF#1 saw a “country certified” “shit ute” in Baysie. Is that a “Mark of The Knobhead” “Such is Life”? The “IS” seems to have an extra syllable. There’s the inevitable Ned Kelly on the rear, which I’m not going to … Continue reading

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I prefer it when Pete F. stays in Cottesloe. No further than Mosman park in any case. Beautiful shithouse Holden collection. And the red eyed rabbit? It’s in the olive green Torana’s boot. if you are lucky.

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