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Outrage 187 Fringe binge

I got a bit emotional after my ninth gin & tonic ($10 each) on Friday night. Fringe all gone. After Sculpture by the Sea, it’s back to hearing footy commentary from passing cars for, like, what seems foreva. Mind you, … Continue reading

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Witnessed at 399 Bar. It put us off our espresso martinis, let me tell you.

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Outrage Sunday 111 Crowned

An exchange between an employee sitting by a lift and an exuberant young patron summed up the night. “You have to wear dress shoes to get in.” “Gnaargghaaabaaaah.” “Dress shoes next time.” As we joined the young man to ascend … Continue reading

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“That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout” – Bento

I had a deal with reality TV, which lasted for the first few years of the genre. I would agree to watch the show, and genuinely take an interest in the contestants’ fortunes for the duration of the show, on … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 18 Pööplöp

The Ikea catalogue arrived today: please please we will now see no more of those letterbox-cleaning TV ads repeated from last year. It is the lowest form of wit to make jokes about Ikea product names like Jerker, Fukta, Fartfull … Continue reading

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Tim Winton’s Rising Lunch

Vegan calls your attention to this. I’m sure Jaidyn-Jaxxon and Justin Langer will be there. Is it just me, or does the blurb go out of its way to make sure you understand, that you totally understand that the play … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber poster boy

“I spotted this while reading The Sunday Times,” says TM. “It’s one half of the I Love Justin Bieber poster. Very fitting for JB.” Yes: the Canadian actor and crooner loves his flower pots. Update: a young person alleges the … Continue reading

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A Bushie’s Blow

Old Blocker had a hairy Crack Bush merging with his dusty sack As he sat astride his trusty horse perusing a novel Tim Winton of course… This bush poetry doesn’t seem so difficult. How was that? Easy. Brown submitted this … Continue reading

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Pulling Off Trucks

This brazen and chilling attempt by Brendon Grylls to introduce tractor pulls by stealth to the metrocentric area cannot stand. A truck pull is just the thin end of the wedge. Don’t forget Brendon that we metrocentrics are the ones … Continue reading

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Perth Beer Fest Blows

Stu sent me this as a very worthy worst,  the shambolic Perth Beer Festival but he covers the topic in more detail on his own blog, and even spots a fashion crime outside The Queens, where he more sensibly decides … Continue reading

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