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The Fringe is played

Speaking of hubs and nodes. I’m declaring the Fringe Festival totally played. The surprising 5 minute shows and edgy performances are gone, and it’s all so predictable. Even the mermaids aren’t attracting children  – or fathers any more. And what’s … Continue reading

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Study arts they said. Major in theatre they said. Actually no one’s ever said that. Who was sweltering in that Fringe Teapot?  One of the Ledger family? Actor John Howard? 

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Gasping at Flaws, Ben Elton’s Gasp Review

The main concern I had with Gasp in the first half, was that it wasn’t bad enough. It was pretty ordinary, the jokes were generally average and the hammered in WA references were often excruciating, (cut them all out) and … Continue reading

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War of the Dozers

But perhaps a little just warring? Fremantle Arts Centre Comedy of Errors was disrupted (as was Pete F’s snooze) by some worthy peacenickery. Sound trumpets! let our Jervois Thunder colours wave! And either victory, or else an empty Ugg boot … Continue reading

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After Party

Caught by Vegan at the State Theatre carpark. Big crowd in by the looks. BTW, isn’t it time for another Winton ghost aborigine piece?

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Winton’s Signs of Life, The Review

It’s been a long time between drinks for Helen Morse between flashing her boozies in Stone in 1974 (or was it the other bikie chick?) and appearing in Tim Winton’s “Signs of Wife” at Perth’s State Theatre. Well it is a … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday Nein

This city gets sicker. It’s a mistake to think you’ve seen everything as a reporter. I’ve witnessed junkies dead for four days in brown Fremantle units; 50-year-old councillors square off by a rose garden; a woman in Nollamara try to … Continue reading

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Rising Water The Review

OK, so Rising Water right. Essentially the play was a boring rambling bunch of nothing with a side order of stupid.Let’s call it “An aquatic Don’s Party 2”.Positives. The set was great. The play not so. A spirit child rowing … Continue reading

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