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Gateway Bladder

Not so much a gateway drug, as gateway packaging. Kiddies squeezing the last drops from a 20 litre red cordial goonbag would be a sight to see. Wonderful worst by Anthony. Karakatta.  

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Sherry blossom falling 

Went to a UWA event last night. There was sherry but no mini quiches. True story. Dry, sure, but I thought even ECU graduates might draw the line at sweet sherry. Apparently not.  

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26 fl oz

Poignant visit to the shack I lived in after I was born. (Wheatbelt )The bottles of Export seemed so much larger when I was a baby.    

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Celebrate the knobbing off of the Guildford Hotel (or was it knobbing out? Titting off?) with some Swanville legopener as seen by Pete F. And just because the knob is up, doesn’t mean you can burn the place. Don’t burn … Continue reading

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One per customer

Surely it could be considered a fucking outrage that, after grimacing your way through 4 bottles of Corona, one of the shittiest tourist grade beers – only barely palatable with a slice of lemon or indeed a clove of garlic … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 208 garbage

I was enraged at this Joondalup outrage. How enraged? Probably more than if Tony Abbott woke up to find a wind turbine in his toilet. I wrote to the council and asked why we had to have Americanisms on our … Continue reading

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Two little ducks

As TLA said in another place, after I posted an abandoned wine bottle outrage, usually you would also see abandoned undies, or a musical instrument. Something! But here in Shenton Park this morning: nothing.      

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