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Craft Beer Played

Yeah, it’s over. Craft beer is the new Corona. The James Squireation of craft beer has been completed. By Pete F.  Kwinania. 

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I didn’t think there was another way to make one of the worlds shittiest beers, Corona, worse. Put a piece of lemon in it – OR – this. It remained undrunk. 

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Kill ’em all

I’ve got a 45 year old bottle of a Freecorns special blend. Kill-Em. Every offer considered. Or I’ll kill you. 

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Tinned Heat

MOJITO IN A CAN!!!! This outrage is from Japan. Where do you even put your muddler????? And it’s fucking Bacardi. Would Mt Gay conflict with Mt Fuji Japan? Well would it? 

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The two sides of journalism

The Lazy Aussie and Outrage Cohen both found themselves – inadvertently – on Rottnest at the same time. Both had stocked up on journalistic ethics at the same store.  

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Gateway Bladder

Not so much a gateway drug, as gateway packaging. Kiddies squeezing the last drops from a 20 litre red cordial goonbag would be a sight to see. Wonderful worst by Anthony. Karakatta.  

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Sherry blossom falling 

Went to a UWA event last night. There was sherry but no mini quiches. True story. Dry, sure, but I thought even ECU graduates might draw the line at sweet sherry. Apparently not.  

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