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Federal Issue

The Federal Police don’t know how to work a Tarago???!  I am officially alert but not relaxed. This is huge. To. Not. Be. Capable. Of. Operating. A. People mover. Was it setting the clock or tuning in 6PR? in any … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 254 Northern Suburbs

That crown-fumbling Bento provides a timely update on a superb Bayswater bus stop, with bonus registered lawn. I prefer this verdant winter shot. This is just enraging. More Bethany time for me. Subiaco, where Fire & Ice was. Hopefully they’ll … Continue reading

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Baby Meat

Although there is a font problem, kerning is surprisingly not the issue here. By Cynthia C. Northbridge. 

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Old Bones

I’m calling the hilarious skeleton on the balcony motif played. Unless it’s wearing a Santa outfit or bikini. In Damascus. Also fineals. Played. A touch of Shedism too. Northbridge.  

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To hair

I don’t see this as a mistake. It’s a masterpiece of modern English usage. With a refreshing use of the apostrophe.  Northbridge.  

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Sorry, Guy’s off

Northbridge. Guy is so played.   

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Down the Chicen Hole

One I missed in the list, but somehow now prescient seeing that knobhead Daryl Somers is doing another hypnotism show. Presumably in blackface. By Ed T. Follow the squawking chicens. Follow… And forget there’s a number seven…forget… Northbridge.

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