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Home Devilry

Remember at the beginning of things here, when The West was shithouse and it seemed important to say so? Now Slanderer sees this pitiful bid. Where now only the paper boys/girls are winners. Certainly not the publishers. Or the readers, … Continue reading

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cheap eats cheap eats cheap eats

Would it have killed Teh 7West to have written different intros for each chapter? I thought my study had turned into Groundhog Day, with my dog as Andie MacDowell, as I read the same thing over and over. And while … Continue reading

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wake up!

From teh Toady: “Cara Lee Hall, 38, killed her 33-year-old husband Glenn Hall in December 2015 by stabbing him while he slept at least 16 times in the chest, neck, head and back in an early morning attack at their … Continue reading

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Pam feels the urge

TLA is in Mandurah on special assignment. Perhaps he’ll bump into “international clairvoyant” Pam McCagh and have a psychometric test. This gruesome item is from the Community Newspaper Group. I dare you to click the link to see the pink … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 299 party kit

London fire + Just Cremations ad: many thanks to those who sent this. Of course such a tragedy would never happen here, given our superior building techniques and materials. In fact I think I’m right in saying being in a … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 297 Outrage for Service

Don’t you just adore the new advertising strategy at teh Worst??!! Little ads between the incisive reports. This page was for Burswood Crown Casino. Evil 8 member? Have a pint and a fist-pump! Muslim MP? Pork buffet! This will stop … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 294 the munted wheelbarrow

I found this intensely enraging. Why not just say 18 new bays on the other side. I am just a simple jerbalist – maths is hard! – but this sign is wrong anyway. I bet that tuckpoint-rougher Bento would say … Continue reading

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