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Outrage Sunday 290 placement of node

You can’t stop the juggernaut of progress that is fibre to the Khyber. This quaint Guildford plea was ignored. What is the go with the NBN? I hear varying reports. Some say it’s like being on the bridge of the … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 281 dark matter

Gazing into the abyss in Claremont. I’m still not making these up. Oprah has flipped her Klimt. I loathe those Shenton Park days. Always full of Klimt-flipping women staring out of windows, whining about bees going to Moscow.

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$55 million

Good luck to all TWOPers in tonight’s megabucks event. This was in Teh Worst today – maybe you can buy a ticket tomorrow KNOWING WHAT THE NUMBERS WERE TONIGHT??!! The jackpot would buy you 827 million gumnuts, or a new … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 273 top twenty World Lies

That manual-bopping Bento paused opposite Bayswater train station. “How have I never noticed this before? So shit, we even get a poor imitation of Cartridge World.” Suck it up. I often fondly recall a big-city planner telling a crowd of … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 263 free car door

Even high-rise apartments aren’t safe from the uniquely-WA phenomenon of cars driving into bedrooms. Here, a Cambridge Street denizen, having obtained all the spare parts he can, leaves one of the doors out in the verge pick-up. This is where … Continue reading

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Buckeridge teens

Legal news! Squabbling over money: teh Toady has a report. “The teen in the middle has had a hard life,” Bento says. Esperance is a lovely name for a girl!

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Bindi masturbate shock in the wild

On today’s Worst7 website. The comedian had many “witty antidotes”, according to reviewer Ross McRae.        

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