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Trees of the Past

I was in So Fro on arts business the other day – I was!  When this scene reminded me how played Willie Trees are. Are Frangipanis just pleasant smelling cocoses? That look like willies in winter? Are they?

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Flange MacPherson

I vaguely remember covering this poster years ago. But wouldn’t that just reflect Subiaco’s stultifying progress? (Ie backwards). And what could be more played than Elle? Parklets? Leederville? Only in Subi could Elle’s flange still be a thing. 

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Boy Without Crab

The King saw this on The Barrio, Fitzgerald Street, (FITZ gerald meaning bastard son of Gerald)  – what appears to be a crabless Boy with Crab by Giovanni Demartino. One assumes the boy’s ringhole is to be connected to the … Continue reading

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Time’s winged Wintons

G’day records the first example of The Worst of Perth’s favourite author doing something useful. Unfortunately self adhesive so no jokes on licking the backside. What’s wrong G’day, Colleen McCulloch sold out?

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Sea Shepherd, Irrational Hatreds #4

It just gets harder to be a supporter of these crazy anti whalers. They seem determined to to make as many people as possible sympathetic to Japanese harpooning. I have, in the past been a sort of passive supporter of … Continue reading

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Irrational Hatred #2 Complaining about Christmas

I’m going to run out of irrational hatred original photos quite quickly, but here’s one of Krazy Kym cunting down to Christmas. Enough of the potty, er hand Kym. Would you neuter a cat with that hand? My irrational hatred … Continue reading

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