28 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 146

  1. Lucky Star says:

    If the cold store sign was in Perth, I’m sure someone would have adorned it with a disembodied cock by now, complete with spurty love juice.


  2. The Legend 101 says:

    Wouldn’t be North Bridge?


  3. Snuff says:

    Great collection, DFOC. A veritable relo’s slide night in the comfort of our own browsers.

    I particularly like the Buddha Air bag, and who wouldn’t be impressed with a flange of that scale. Oh, and the Dolly Juice.


  4. Sharon says:

    Nice collection DFOC.


  5. orbea says:

    only 11?
    why not the full 1000?


    • RubyRuby says:

      Be careful what you wish for – how many Weekends before TLA is back?


      • orbea says:

        no not spread out over many weekend, just 1000+ in post that can be ignored, then D-Fock can place them on his own blog and set up in competition

        I must say DFOC is more concerned with his paying job than TLA, takes much longer to get a post through moderation in this Kim Jong-Il regime change environment


  6. Gunther says:

    I spent some time with a krazy Kym in Cambodia. Funny guy, I still remember very well. Wonder what happened to him, he certainly was on a highway to hell or something :-)


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