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Outrage Sunday 277 lying fascist pigs

Goodness me! This very frank assessment was seen at north Cottesloe. The bloke didn’t have the chutzpah – the kahunas, if you will – to have his face in the photo. This is much more soothing and dignified. There is … Continue reading

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Lifestyles of the one eyed

Love this look. Cravat, pipe and eyepatch. Shirts have always been associated with success. By Cimbali.  

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Wonder Girl 

These still fit me, but will sell for 55c or near offer.  

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God knows

Cynthia C. Tells us that her CBD (not C&B) apartment complex’s Hills Hoist is a crime nexus. Crimes of fashion, crimes of theft, and worst of all, crimes of graphic design and kerning. 

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I won’t survive

Despite the assertion of this piece of clothing, Pete F. believes that its presence in a Good Sammy shows it to be a lie. They dead. Why didn’t they get buried in it?

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Fine Young FIFOs

It had to happen. If WA can’t get Chinese workers, then children will have to do. And, depending on the age, there may  be a discount price for under 12s on the Telfer flight. By Gilly. In Cock-Burn. Home of … Continue reading

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Smart Casual

I’m past caring about WA fashion faux pas. Smart casual. Whatever. Business wear totes and Teh. By Sarah F. Carousel.   

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