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Albany understatement. Boat. Nice.  

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Baby Meat

Although there is a font problem, kerning is surprisingly not the issue here. By Cynthia C. Northbridge. 

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Outrage Sunday 245 dream home

So much depends Upon A red balance sheet Glazed with dead Dolphins Beside the white Towers. A lovely stroll. Perth really is taking off! Imagine the vibrancy when the Ritz-Carlton is here! We also had a look at the spot … Continue reading

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Outrage Overseas Mouth

Since we’re on the subject of food and delicious things: Singapore. What do the characters mean, TLA?

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Bento notes that in Collie, where the Australian incest museum is soon to be built as coal tanks, the main local band is called  Sister Doll. Was Sister Spouse taken?  

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16 forslutas in the room next door. IKEA.  

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Four Backwards Steps

Come on Perth, I thought we were Post Vibrant now? We are backsliding back to pre vibrancy. 4 examples. 1: The shitty bronze of Governor Stirling,(recently shamed as some kind of Pedo by Dodgy Perth – the Gov, not the … Continue reading

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