Was some straying into Perth nostalgia recently. Hugh Jass may help extend that ennui with this shot of a derelict factory near Bunbury. Now where is that shot of the ex Passiona building on Scarborough Beach Rd I had ready to go along with this? Was this really our state drink? I thought that was Swan Lager?

Of course you know that I was born a Weaver & Lock man don’t you? Of course you do.

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54 Responses to Gest

  1. Greggo says:

    well fuck me, I used to work on the weaver and lock bottle line in como somewhere.


  2. Snuff says:

    Gest lemonade was spark-alark-alark-aling, IIRC, TLA. I remember this style, although it was a bit mean of the fossicker to scale it with a Coke Real Action Refreshment ruler, given that CCA bought them out and shut them down. I quite like this shot from Beverley. This style was before my time, from where else but Dumbleyung.


    • Snuff, I am concerned about the amount of energy you so assidiously devote to fossicking out these gems! In this case Gests.
      And for the record, real men only drank Masters Choc, the rest were lolly waters for Chumbies, Pooftas and Pompadour’d Poo Pokers. So there….


  3. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    So, our Gest-statin’ period is over?


  4. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Whether it’s operatin a Haulpak or performin brain surgery its Emu Export. It’s a big drink for the big man , in fact I’ve got the thirst for it now ……………Jesus , this shit is piss.


  5. Hey!!! TLA is fixing the grammar in my posts!!!! You’se the bestest of ’em all!


  6. Bill O'Slatter says:

    MRRT-like impact on West Australian economy claims AHA.


  7. BRIK says:

    I’ve never heard of this drink, does that make me a bad person?


  8. JaneZ says:


    Who can make a lemonade (who can make a lemonade)
    sparkle like the dew (sparkle like the dew)
    the Gest man can,
    the Gest man can.

    On beach, blue and white stripey suit.

    I’d love to see pictures of the old Weaver and Lock factory. Inexplicably, my grandfather used to take me there when I was small. They used to give me a Passiona while the men talked business, whatever that meant. On the whole it was better than the Midland abbatoir, where he also used to take me. No Passiona there.


    • There must have been a Passiona factory on Scabs beach Rd (next to where IKEA used to be) because I took a pic of the building with passiona still on it. There was also a Pasito. Maybe that was Gest.


      • Snuff says:

        I can’t recall a Gest Pasito, TLA, but you could be right as it’s now Kirks, along with Olde Stoney Ginger Beer. Passiona was originally Cottee’s, and Schweppes since ’84.

        p.s. I haven’t had much luck online with Weaver and Lock, JaneZ, but you might want to pop into the State Library next time you’re in Northbridge.


        • Bag O'Turnips says:

          Yes indeed, Snuff, there was a Gest Pasito, with toucans on the centre logo. Don’t forget the good ol’ Club Lemon Soda, many summer days sippin’ tall glasses of that with loads of ice, poured out of one litre glass bottles.

          One Gest drink I’m not sure of was a lime soda: not dark green, like Cottee’s Coola, but more like lime cordial light green and transparent. Last time I recall seeing it would be around 1981. I think there was a ship in the centre of the logo. Can someone indeed confirm this?


    • vegan says:

      the state library have photos of weaver & lock, but they are not available to view online, you would have to go into the library.


    • ronggly says:

      JaneZ, you’ve just ruined my morning reminding me of Johnny Young, recollecting my early teen fear and revulsion of him (surrounded by young flesh) singing his slow version of “All My Loving” at me every Sunday evening.


  9. Greggo says:

    Did calling it the “our state drink” increase its popularity? I guess the some gummermint department would now have to certify that a product met certain standards of sugar content and fizziness in order to carry that claim. Who would admit coming from WA anyway geez.


  10. The Legend 101 says:



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