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Pete F calls not worst in Willeton. He may be going a little soft.

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Weekend Worstoff 129

Tristan H saw that the downward spiral of Dunsborough is being made even more exquisite. “Le” boatshed? Jeezus. I wonder what Brendon would think? This is not connected to my Le Specs wearing.People have sent me this Morley wall before. … Continue reading

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Temple of Tut

Both The Basstard and Cimbali sent a photo of this place this week, (this is the ‘tard’s shot). If the outside is baffling, what about the temple inside? Some kind of Cocos sacrificing ceremony? Bayswater. Haven’t had to use the … Continue reading

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Pie Wall

Watching was surprised that this superb bad wall in Bentley East Victoria Park hasn’t been featured before. I can’t find it if it has. In any case its magnificence should be honoured forever. Could be a scene from Dune or … Continue reading

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The Columnist

How long since we’ve had a house or garden wall? Too long my friends, too long. Perth’s built environment which used to be a staple of TWOP has descended, nay degenerated into a cess pit of hegemony and ruraltards, built … Continue reading

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Two Perth Walls

Two walls, Maylands and Inglewood.

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People Power

I think it was the 1980’s (or perhaps 90’s) that the unions had a protest and sit in about something, in the ugly little park behind parliament house. I can’t remember what is was about, but it went on for … Continue reading

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