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What is wrong with youse pigs?

Thousands a week of you are still viewing a closed website.What is wrong with you? 112,000 views last year! On a closed and unresponsive blog? Granted 85,000 of those views were from the evermore plaintive dogging community but even so, … Continue reading

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Price Point

Went to Fringe Played Gardens which I will speak of later. But if Famous Sharon and burlesque has lost all value over the long, long and now tedious years, at least “drug” is still at original Fringe prices. 

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Flange MacPherson

I vaguely remember covering this poster years ago. But wouldn’t that just reflect Subiaco’s stultifying progress? (Ie backwards). And what could be more played than Elle? Parklets? Leederville? Only in Subi could Elle’s flange still be a thing. 

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The classics

Although they could have gone Hitler mo, I still say Kudos. Simple and not overdone. Curtin bus station. A simple blackened tooth surpasses every one of the ultra shitty FORM wall pieces at Curtin. By a large margin. 

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Early Opening

Ljuke shares the sight of this pair trying to get into the (played) Guildford Hotel at 10am. Surely they could find a $20 toasted sandwich and Foxtel somewhere nearby? Outrage’s place perhaps? Now that the novelty has worn off, is … Continue reading

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Old Bones

I’m calling the hilarious skeleton on the balcony motif played. Unless it’s wearing a Santa outfit or bikini. In Damascus. Also fineals. Played. A touch of Shedism too. Northbridge.  

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Sorry, Guy’s off

Northbridge. Guy is so played.   

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Played World

A Cartridge World and a wall mural. There was a small bar in a fire station when I was last there. Can a dozen rub and tugs be far away Busso? By Bento.  

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Photo Op

Most photographers go to Coogee Power Station to get very boring shots of the graffitied interior. Boy are those shots played. Please stop taking them. Blow-in has wisely documented the beautiful belly up fish and tyre tableau outside. I think … Continue reading

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The Fringe is played

Speaking of hubs and nodes. I’m declaring the Fringe Festival totally played. The surprising 5 minute shows and edgy performances are gone, and it’s all so predictable. Even the mermaids aren’t attracting children  – or fathers any more. And what’s … Continue reading

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