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Combat Softair Brindisi

We live in an age when even T-shirts have haiku qualities. I have been repolishing my efforts since TLA’s reminder yesterday, and also worrying if Snuff-san has been blown off Cebu Island. But then I see artefacts like this on … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 14 Valley of Death

Six hours getting on and off a bus in the Swan Valley yesterday for someone’s 50th: by the time it was 3.30pm and we were wrapping up at a brewery I was longing for a giant mariachi-playing dugong to fall … Continue reading

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Peppermint Dome

Tshirt design. Added Ammonia rain. It’s up.

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Festival of Worst

Working on another tshirt. Does this look creepy enough?

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I’m here for my subsidy

Rurotard Tshirt

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Scando Prize Inseminators

Voting still going strong for the Inseminators poster comp. I have designed a new T Shirt which will be the prize, along with a Blue Stratos pack. (However if Snuff wins, I am not going to send teh Stratos to … Continue reading

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Million Chong March Competition

Looks like a reasonable consensus is Saturday the 28th November, early evening at The Brisbane Hotel for a celebration of a million TWOP views. Also announcing a competition for who can get a screenshot closest to a million. (For those … Continue reading

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Vibrancy Inspector

I have a new Tshirt, “Vibrancy Inspector”. No Alcohol, New Years Eve, Cottesloe Beach, That’s Perth. However the “Perth The Bunbury of The North” is a clear winner with buyers. It is a damn good design I have to say. … Continue reading

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Fremantle’s No Che Day

And another updated twop tshirt design. Like “Perth The Bunbury of the North”, this design (now revamped) has produced some excellent reactions, particularly from Che shirt wearers. Why the hell do they wear those ridiculous Che shirts? NO CHE SHIRT … Continue reading

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Rack and Ruin

What better advertisement for a The Worst of Perth T shirt than to see one in action? TWOP elites Bento, Mr Shazza (unfortunately his fine set of choppers not visible) the often discussed Shazza’s rack and La Bento, all cheating … Continue reading

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