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Wormhole Tasmania?

Remember Alex & Jenny’s terrifying Tasmanian Bathos? Well Jane Z bought this in a Tasmanian opshop twenty years ago? I’m wondering if it’s the purchasers not the sister marrying island that is actually the problem here?

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Outrage Sunday 252 Barrack Street

As I walked busily down Barrack Street Talking on my phone, vital things to do Thinking of what to say and who to meet I noticed a man who’s legs were askew. People surged, looked away, and stepped around Four … Continue reading

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Worst Tours

Alasdair notes that derelict, broke architects are doing “worst tours” of Porto, Portugal. Why can’t our architects in Perth be doing this – or doing anything else apart from designing buildings? I wonder if the Porto guys are aware of … Continue reading

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Two steps back

I complained to Perth council that their (also lame) painted artwork on the Cultural Centre paving was dangerous when wet. Looks like they are grinding it off as a result. I can’t help feeling I’m fighting a losing battle against … Continue reading

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People of the sand

Alasdair goes direct from Mandurah to Marseilles. That sort of shock could crack your soul. But there is a kind of Perth look. The blue sky not quite as relentless, and no cocii. But it’s there.    

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Mystery art

The usual redback for the person who can illuminate us about this, which I think was on Newcastle Street, near the Hatch building. I don’t know much about public art, but I know it’s no Der Rufer.   

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Four Backwards Steps

Come on Perth, I thought we were Post Vibrant now? We are backsliding back to pre vibrancy. 4 examples. 1: The shitty bronze of Governor Stirling,(recently shamed as some kind of Pedo by Dodgy Perth – the Gov, not the … Continue reading

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