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Trunk line to Berlin

This book wasn’t nearly as interesting as the cover suggests. Anti Semite elephants closing in on Stalingrad was not part of the plot. Sadly. :(. 

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Pulped Fiction 

Seems incredible that there has been no media on this. Rumour has it that Tim Winton’s new book “The Boy Who Wiped it on The Curtains” was misprinted and had to be returned and pulped by Penguin. Where are the … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 256 The Road Home

One of my Bassendean associates, Mad Maddo, sent this frightening pic. She had her drone up, looking for illegal lime trees. She found a dinosaur that shat itself to death. Big poos, big story: I’m surprised it hasn’t been on … Continue reading

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The Return of Faith

Ahh. Someone has regained their religion. And spelling. Gooseberry Hill. Shove it Dawkins. Are these burnables?

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Le Loser

We’re not at Edith Cowan anymore. Coles Karawara.  

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Some Regrets

I can see several contra-indications to his no regrets assertion. The pants. The braces. The hat. The bracelet. The price point. Fords. That he couldn’t get Wally Foreman and was stuck with Ian Brayshaw. I believe the photo caption was, … Continue reading

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I’d make an offer TBH.   Or are these books 50 Cent recommends? Loving how he rocks that chain. By Simon G.    

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