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The Return of Faith

Ahh. Someone has regained their religion. And spelling. Gooseberry Hill. Shove it Dawkins. Are these burnables?

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Le Loser

We’re not at Edith Cowan anymore. Coles Karawara.  

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Some Regrets

I can see several contra-indications to his no regrets assertion. The pants. The braces. The hat. The bracelet. The price point. Fords. That he couldn’t get Wally Foreman and was stuck with Ian Brayshaw. I believe the photo caption was, … Continue reading

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I’d make an offer TBH.   Or are these books 50 Cent recommends? Loving how he rocks that chain. By Simon G.    

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No stuck-up dumb bitches!

Further to news that another of Tim’s aquatic cliches is to be filmed in Dennmark, (the place of soap makers but not soap users), here via Skink is your chance to be involved. I assume that director Simon Baker has … Continue reading

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Make it out to Spruut

Checking out Tim Winton’s signed copies. Is Tim’s signature a…C&B? Perth Style I guess? Jennifer Byrne never mentioned it, although I’m sure he signed her copy. Apparently he can sign 16 a minute. If you want to see some real … Continue reading

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CBBBC – The Burning-ing

Perth’s lovely post vibrant winter weather means that it’s book burning season again!  The Cuban Book Burning Book Club welcomed some new members and some hot new titles.  First, the Bride Stripped Bare by Anonymous. Quotes, reviews: Not a feminist … Continue reading

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