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Experience a roast cavery at the Bayswater Hotel. The Cavery should totally be the name of Baysie’s first small bar. Or Cartridge World Beer Cafe.  

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As a maggot

Yesh Offisher. Just a little shofishti…sofitica…ahh, sober. Murdoch University by Ed.T. , who claims that this table is always empty. 

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Outrage Sunday 244 friend

My associate Major Blight was dismayed by this Shenton Park sign. “Have we learned nothing in six years? No lamination. Inconsistent underlining. Not enough passive-aggression. And if the bin liner is a problem, why not take it out?” No wonder … Continue reading

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Spelling Police

By WGG. Remember, also a ShiTzu Poodle cross is a Shit-Doodle, not a Poo-Zu.And cash? Are we in Kalamunda? No Morley.

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Duchie No Pasaran

 NF#1 was in Midland again. Did they mean ambition and enthusiasm do not pass this point? For Midland, I assume that point would be Guildford?     

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Teh WAToady on the spot with teh politics. What’s the latest on Alannah v teh SDTT? Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the Train Queen ran in Midland, where Michelle Roberts has a 0.1 per cent margin! Ms Harvey has … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 232 mummy doin’ tricks

Friday was busy. After time in the Perth Magistrates Court – aka The Drama Palace – I paused to see if these paramedics needed help. They said they were fine, and cops were on the way. “You may feel like … Continue reading

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