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Well in the absence of a clock representing a boot stamping a human face forever once every hour, what could be better? Seen by Orbea in the RAC magazine.

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There is no London

East Perth. By me for a change.

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(Mid) land that time forgot

Thanks to everyone who listened to the radio interview yesterday and visited the site. It was TWOP’s biggest ever day, with nearly 5000 hits. The ABC says audio will be available soon. If it was your first time, welcome. There … Continue reading

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Clock Suckers

People have different triggers which can send them into a gibbering rage. For some its’ the use or misuse of apostrophes’, but for others it’s public clocks which are stopped or wrong. If you are one of these, don’t go … Continue reading

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Kenya believe it?

Africa as usual has its problems with droughts, floods and elections, but at least one Perth household is helping by bringing this clock out of the dark continent and setting it up here, where it can no longer contribute to … Continue reading

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The End of Time

The Floral Clock in King’s Park used to be very popular when I was a kid, (along with a giant log), but I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was the quality of TV at that time. It used to have … Continue reading

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Clock Fighting

Worst Clock/Design/Interior design From The Philippines to Embleton to You.

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R U Going to Scarborough Bleh?

Whinger Than Paradise Only in Perth could we whinge about a beach that many countries would execute all their first born to have – but Perth is that kind of place. The clock pictured deserves its own category, but many … Continue reading

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