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St James

The brutality. The Cocos. Teh James. 

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A kind of brutal shabbiness

Dropped in on Scarborough to check on its interminable beach upgrade. I’m glad they have managed to keep the coherent brutal shabbiness that the local Scabwegians and visitors love so much. Even while “upgrading”. I hope this doesn’t push up the … Continue reading

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Beware. Gum Nuts. 

This was so endearingly Perth that I almost cried. Actually I did cry, having trodden on a gumnut. This is outside the CWA shop in Kalamunda. So many, many gumnut deaths.

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Kalamunda Parklet

Another parklet. This one Kalamunda where place making desperation is kicking in as the town centre starts to resemble the set for a once well loved film made decades ago. Think Star Wars Tunisia. But as a construction, there’s not … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 273 top twenty World Lies

That manual-bopping Bento paused opposite Bayswater train station. “How have I never noticed this before? So shit, we even get a poor imitation of Cartridge World.” Suck it up. I often fondly recall a big-city planner telling a crowd of … Continue reading

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Parklet as final nail

The grim, depressing sight as a parklet delivery wagon hoves into sight in Subiaco.You might as well be entering a suicide pact in the witches kitchen as it reverses, ramming ever more bitter garlic prawns up your arse. I was … Continue reading

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Flange MacPherson

I vaguely remember covering this poster years ago. But wouldn’t that just reflect Subiaco’s stultifying progress? (Ie backwards). And what could be more played than Elle? Parklets? Leederville? Only in Subi could Elle’s flange still be a thing. 

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