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Outrage Sunday 25 induce this

The delicious distinction about Teh Worst is also worst. (Update: The Stoned Ranger points out The Echo is hiring). Speaking of distinctions, I’ve only received trivial death threats. I trust TL101 can tell us who Selena Gomez is. I have … Continue reading

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Tower & Culture

More history. The building once at the corner of Outram Ord Street and Thomas Street in West Perth in the actual process of falling. It was either Al Queada or Osborne Park All Demos. I think it was the Disability … Continue reading

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Two more pieces of history from from my film negative vault. Firstly this is the one time site of one of those ultra crappy 80s Perth nightclubs on fire. I can’t remember what it was called originally. Eagle Bum? Penisocchios? … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 19 Truthers Redux

This superb scale model of the Twin Towers will be on show in Kings Park today – but it’s not a swap meet. No, it’s much more serious than that: Truthers still fearlessly walk among us, and they will have … Continue reading

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More 1980s

Some more I have just scanned/rescanned from my archives. I can’t remember where this house is. Looks like North perth. It’s 496 something. (Not william I don’t think,). Anyone recognise or know if it still exists? And my lovely old … Continue reading

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Smokeys Burgers

Did you know Perth had a burger joint with rollerskating chicks serving the cars with said burgers? Finally getting round to scanning my 80s and 90s medium format negs. This place, Smokey’s burgers was across the road from Ellingtons, sort … Continue reading

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Perth says “worst” in so many ways…

Seen by Anne F. Golden Circle 1976.  Scandinavian? That would be Miss Mauds then. How depressing that Perth tourism marketing hasn’t advanced at all in the last 35 years. The same mistake of featuring stuff that people can get better … Continue reading

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