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And there it is

To all my street art friends, or as Wattsie would say, “I wrote for Bob Hope”. There it is. Ten years. Thank you one and all. All the friends met and unmet across four thousand posts and a hundred thousand … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 313 the end

And so we face the final curtain. A tree falls in Guildford, and Krazy Kym was on the spot. Time for one more rapture. Our first (and last) slippers? I was touched by many submissions to TWOP (especially mine). One … Continue reading

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Dumb of a kind

Excruciatingly bad Matthew Priddis doorstop. Perfect recreation including his midfield speed. By Hutch. York. 

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Outrage Sunday 312 fresh milk

I tried to buy this milk, Put it in my trolley. Took it to the checkout: Supreme act of folly. Security was called, The manager white-faced. I said I’d pay full price And avoid making waste. She wrestled it from … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 311 Ode to the Lord Mayor

Beat the cream until medium peaks form Fold it firm into a heavenly curd Some people hate those who surpass the norm Avoid the journo who smells like a turd. Whip the whites until they are stiff and shine Great … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 310 funky

“The man who is tired of verge pick-up detritus is tired of life.” – Adrian de la Touche. Then I had a meeting with Rupert. Then I had a meeting with, er, someone else. Have a faymous Sunday!

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Another from Snuff. What’s the hubbub Bub? I guess that means Subiaco. 

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Hold the 10th page

The media landscape. No Bento, its not Stan Grant. 

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Outrage Sunday 309 Elizabeth Quay flooded

“You’ve made a little boy very very sad.” This was up Scarborough way. The WORST. You know the truth about cows used for milk. I bet this bloke’s days in Shenton Park are numbered. I’ve got some bad news. Betty’s … Continue reading

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Of the Hornsby Does

Mike saw that even unidentified corpses can get married. Now that’s marriage equality. Hornsby NSW.

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