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Alasdair – of Mandurah sends a picture – not of Crabtown but of …Cadiz. Well it looks better than any bar on Beaufort. They are all played. 

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Darling Range Hotel

I went and took a look at this extraordinary building, one of the few – perhaps only building to be knocked back for redevelopment by whatever SAP DAP or back sack and crack was in the saddle. That the one … Continue reading

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Stained Glass

Wonderful Naval Base work by Reign of Error. (Wasn’t this Pete F’s ground?) The burnt out bar of the Naval Base Hotel with hideous glasswork. You don’t get more TWOP than this. Brutal. Truly brutal. I feel we can put … Continue reading

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Ground Zero

How many years has this Guildford Hotel crap been going on? I would have been happy with demolition by now. What do we think of the new proposal? I admit that at first I was of the opinion that the … Continue reading

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Pete F reminds us that there is still a Steve’s Tavern in Nedlands. The only question is why is there still a Steve’s? I remember in the 80s when you could spill out of Steve’s, piss in a pensioner’s letterbox, … Continue reading

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I’m not really sure. I think it’s a maritime Dirty Dicks. Williamstown Victoria.  

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Outrage Sunday wrong side of the tracks

Michael Schumacher is being kept alive by a machine so Barack Obama can attend his funeral. That was one of the things I learned when TLA and Bento joined me on a two-pub crawl in Maylands. First to the crack … Continue reading

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