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Mondo Hands

By Alasdair. Preston, Melbourne. Lovely brick oil tank. 

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Nuclear waste here.

Or perhaps pedo dumping. In any case, BYO Barrel. And sign. By Alasdair. South Australia. Lovely shot.

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Vag Day

As far as I remember, every day is vag day in Walpole? Or am I thinking of Dennmark? in any case one a day will help you work rest and pay. By Sarah Toa. 

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Melbourne Vibrancy, is it played?

Since my first superficial view of Melbs vibrancy, (piss and cheese sold together, whoa!) I might have to reevaluate. I’m not sure they are moving to a post vibrant era. They are planting cotton palms. This is embarrassing. Also, I … Continue reading

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The Future Eaters

Better a knob eater than a Jew burner right? Right? Melbourne. By Meccano.   

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Vulgar David

Bento (for it is he) asks: “Is Melbourne turning into Perth? Can there be any clearer proof that we’re in a Po-Vi era?” I ask: “Why doesn’t this happen in Claremont?” The Grauniad has the scoop: ‘Vulgar’ four-metre concrete copy … Continue reading

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The Stench of Eureka

Stu, exiled from our state of post vibrancy, has landed in Ballarat, where the stench of Stockade karaoke pre-pre-vibrancy reeks from every brick orifice. A lesson for Fremantle here. It takes two to facade. A Miniorb for Gen Y. One … Continue reading

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High Life, Crackpot Life

Disturbing addition to the verges of Melbourne. Librarians, psych disorders. Novel about cat owner, murder and Deco demo. What could possibly have gone wrong? By Meccano.

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Outrage Sunday 66 effluent clients

Our associate Bento might be a rainmaker, but at least he is in the Lynne Truss mould when it comes to punctuation: he captured this heinous WAToady screenshot (respect): It’s enough to make you want to do an Echo Newspapers … Continue reading

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Free Corkage, Conditions Apply

Let me go out of town for a moment. Adelaide. If having a restaurant called The Snooty Fox isn’t bad enough, conditions may apply to your free corkage! Fucking Outrage! If a man gives me his bond that his corkage … Continue reading

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