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Fleishmann and Pine Bush

Bartender’s Skills with a Manhatten returns with more lovely wrecks from the US. BSWAM says, “Today we’ll be visiting the neighboring communities of Fleischmann and Pine Bush, old resort towns in the high county of the Catskills, which border the … Continue reading

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Is the world too much for you today? It’s going to be like that for a number of years now, so just relax back into the anodyne and soothing world of The Worst of Perth. There’s no point in turning … Continue reading

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Bring the glory hole home

When this arrived at my workplace some time ago, I was confused and disgusted in equal measure. Now, I’ve come round. Let’s get this baffling glory hole back in place. I’m ready for it. I have been assured that Matthew … Continue reading

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Winging it

I was just about to wing it. But now. Not. Bayswater masterpiece by James N. Please. 

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Nuclear waste here.

Or perhaps pedo dumping. In any case, BYO Barrel. And sign. By Alasdair. South Australia. Lovely shot.

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Outrage Sunday 244 friend

My associate Major Blight was dismayed by this Shenton Park sign. “Have we learned nothing in six years? No lamination. Inconsistent underlining. Not enough passive-aggression. And if the bin liner is a problem, why not take it out?” No wonder … Continue reading

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Passed 100,000 comments recently. The analysis of words mentioned as follows. Nurry 408 Back door (only) 54 Knob 213 She-Ra 230 Setback 22 Subiaco 181 Cunt 1697 Cockburn 137 Thunder 53 Guildford 189 Fucking/ken 1327 Outrage 850 TLA 2359 Ivory … Continue reading

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