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Missing text, missing brothel

A  great find from Bento in the Borders “bargain” bin. Wouldn’t you just pulp a book that had missing text? Are you saying good riddance to the text Bento? Twighlight is a kiddies vampire book. The missing text included the … Continue reading

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Jaded House

Rachel enquires about the sad state of brotheldom on William Street Northbridge. Rachel says… This one at 395 William street has been converted to an asian supermarket ( i remember when i worked at City Fresh next door when i … Continue reading

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Bad House, Bad Brothel

Guest: Kahuna. Area: Town of Cambridge. In further correspondence, Kahuna goes on to condemn virtually the whole Town of Cambridge and the council. But I want to know, why you would change “The Boulevard” to “Veryward Terrace”? Kahuna says… Here’s … Continue reading

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The real brothel is HERE Damn you!

Worst Brothel (architecture that is). Minor adult satire warning. Since a post on The Worst Brothel Conversion, search engines have been directing a torrent of search results for “Perth Brothel, Brothels in Perth…etc, etc, etc” to Worst of Perth. So … Continue reading

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