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Weekend Worstoff 216

I may have forgotten to include a pic of this hideous Howard Johnson building in Wuhan. The gold dome does have a cocktail bar (no Mojitos) and a revolving Thai restaurant though. Looking through the glass gives the filthy Yangzte precinct an … Continue reading

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Duck Neck &cetera

Fuck etc, fuck “and also”, fuck” if this then that”, fuck em all. Also fuck duck neck restaurant. Yeah. Fuck em. Wuhan, central China.

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Well I wanted to thank Bento and Outrage for keeping the worsts coming while in Chinser land. I saw the perfect gifts for them. I could – still can see Outrage in this shorts belt combo, and was there ever … Continue reading

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Butterfly Pie

What better way to celebrate 3 million views than with a delicious Butterfly Pie? I got back at midnight, so still haven’t had time to peruse the Bento back catalogue. TWOP still blocked in China. How did the boys go? Did they … Continue reading

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Tai Ping on Their Arses

I specifically wanted to see the Tai Ping museum in Nanjing, because it highlights  one of the classic worsts in the history of the world. A Chinese guy Hong Xiu Quan in 1860s or so got it into his head … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 59

A few more from my China trip. La Pavoni in Nanjing could be a little slice of Midland. Apart from the artistic impreetion, which Midland definitely doesn’t have. And can someone tell me what the little lion is doing? It … Continue reading

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The Worst of Perth in China – Visual Enhancement

Two efforts to combine the visual, the sculptural and the advertorial in Nanjing China. The first one should have been an Aussino Steakhouse, but wasn’t. The second is from an Audit University. Could those fingers really hit those keys? And … Continue reading

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