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It goes where it goes

The organ wants what it wants. Via the backroad routes I assume.  

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Why do they take the good ones?

Jon English, Now. Not. at The Astor. Mind you, I’m not sure the Wailers will have the full complement either. Perhaps John Waters can fill in. Or PETA Credlin, who looks like English’s twin.

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Koi Me

I’m just going for Koi Child. Is that a neck rag and a necklace? 

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Reclaim the True

 I used to weep in bookshops. You know, if reclaim racists want a song, I’m willing to let them have Hey True Blue. Arguably Australia’s shittiest song. Let it be our “Horst Vessel”.   U

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Rolf’s Revenge

By Big P. Who was actually looking for his Supertramp songbook when he found this.

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Sitting on it

Jamie Redfern and Liberace. Bassendean. Possibly caused by a power vacuum as Rolf downgraded to The Boy from Bayswater.

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Gentle on your bits

It’s hard to think that there may have been a time when 6pracist was gentle on anyone’s mind. Do they mean grating on your mind? Racist on your mind? Maumillicious on your mind? Mindless on your mind? This must have … Continue reading

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