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Save Our Blank Walls

Perth wall muzak has reached such a low point that it now has a system default font and clip art. Plonked – apparently without irony, next to what I think is the city’s only piece of political graff. I hope … Continue reading

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The Brown is Coming Down, 2008 to 2021 are youse vibrant yet?

When The Worst of Perth started in 2007, did we expect that things would be better a decade and a half later? Did we even think about it, or did we just live and make love in the moment, shoving … Continue reading

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and spot liked him

Is poem bombing really worth the effort, especially since you’re just printing out of word and pasting it up. No knitting? No typeface created out of your own blood – or faeces? Or chorizo even? No. I can’t get behind … Continue reading

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If you’ve got a ring ie a circle, it is only ever going to be suitable for an “O” typography wise. Two hearts as “M’s” is horrible, but your o will never be an a. NEVER I tells ya! Or … Continue reading

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