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Outrage Sunday 271 Number 95

Could you hear my teeth gritting in Claremont? Gaaaaaaahhhh. Sometimes I wonder if we should let the barbarians win – but then I grab my brains. Why bother, though? Either people are binge-watching, or making their life a soap opera … Continue reading

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brutal regime

I don’t like it (people talking about a daily regime, instead of a regimen). Some colleagues – a small minority – assure me regime is fine. But I don’t like it. Regime could be other nasty things – especially if … Continue reading

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court sex

Many thanks to those who sent me this, from Teh Toady. Bento was first: “Well that’s just asking to get caught, isn’t it,” the heavily-insured rainmaking full-glossed stumbling hipster said. If the magistrate and orderly didn’t see anything, surely they … Continue reading

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Bindi masturbate shock in the wild

On today’s Worst7 website. The comedian had many “witty antidotes”, according to reviewer Ross McRae.        

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Outrage Sunday 241 The Kiss of the Sun

One of my associates had a fine time at the theatre. Tickets, cars, water features, private chef: they will all be mine thanks to this excellent ad on an early right-hand page in Teh West this week. This advice seems … Continue reading

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Our blogging overlord choked on his absinthe this morning when he read this pedestrian headline on teh WAToady. “Embezzlement at Dowerin and they don’t go with Executive has Dowerin Field Day?” Speaking of betting sprees, what do people make of … Continue reading

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Brilliant pizza

The TWOP food theme continues! It’s all kicking off at Hobart Street, in the City of Vincent. Councillor Dan Loden applauds the throng, “despite the rain and brilliant pizza”. If you ask me, any council that can make quattro formaggi … Continue reading

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