Cockington Dog

Salty Suzy sent in Freo Herald. Shouldn’t it be CockMantle? And Coincidentally (or not), Ruby Ruby sends in a list of Perth Dogging sites. I don’t know what dogging is, but whatever it is, High Wycombe? Really? (And I don’t want to know.)

Main dogging sites and directions for Western-australia, including major towns and cities: Albany, Bunbury, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Mandurah, Perth, Rockingham.

Swan River Foreshore Car Park

  • Garratt Rd Bridge Bayswater

King Meadows Guildford

  • over the guildford bridge heading to midland first right then left at the roundabout takes you down to the park, drive round the oval to the carpark and play

Bibra Lake

  • bibra lake park near adventure world

Point Peron

  • through rockingham, past naval base, at the end of the road turn right… fri sat nights…

Water Tank Lookout

  • off the bypass rd near the mining hall of fame,

Warnbro Beach Car Park

  • nudeist beach car park


  • Red Hill Lookout

Garvey Park

  • Along the river…turn into Fauntleroy Avenue off Gt Eastern Hwy in Redcliffe. Walkways along river with secluded areas

Broome/Cable Beach

  • South of the surf club on the high tide mark near the doggy sign Plenty of secluded areas

Waikiki Beach

  • Car Park Oppersite the site of the old Waikiki Hotel


  • Point Reserve, off North Road.


  • Bardon Park, on 4th Avenue. Located just off Guildford Road. Heading east from the city it is a right turn down 4th Avenue.


  • Cracknell Park, Riversdale Street.
  • Kagashima Park, on Burswood Road.
  • Maylands Yacht Club, on 4th Avenue. Located just off Guildford Road. Heading east from the city it is a right turn down 4th Avenue. Passing Bardon park, you will see a yacht club with a car park.


  • Middle Swan Reserve, Middle Swan Road.

Tomato Lake Belmont

  • Off Oats St the far end carpark


  • cnr ashton and chittering roads

Bickley Brook Reservior

  • carpark picnic area before the dam – there usally is someone hanging around , and can go for stroll into the bushland for a bit of great outdoors action :)


  • at the nude beach, people usually meet in the carpark or lookout towards the beach and take a stroll into the sandhills along the beach and get some action usually someone will come along and want to join in so dont be surprised if someone just walks up and asks if you’d like company?… or just go down the beach and get nude someone will approach you :]

Mandurah-Halls Head

  • Kingsley Fairbridge Reserve carpark, near lagoon entrance.

Herdsman Lake, Churchlands

  • Take the turning near herdsman growers market. The car park at end of road is often used for exhibitionist fun. Night time only.


  • Whaler’s Cove. Down steps directly in front of park, turn left at bottom (!) past the nudist beach and over rocks at the end ‘n dawg. If no one at the carpark has binoculars risk the top of the rocks. Beware of walk trail above beach.

Kwinana Beach

  • Both in the beach carpark and across the road in the bush area. there are gays, bi,s tv,s and even couples who use this area.


  • turn down in to jindalee blv, go down to the end turn right in to maritime drive go down to the end small car park on your left

Lake Gnangarra

  • Head north on Alexander drv go across gnangarra rd In car park or near toilet block at end of track Late afternoon early evening best times

East Perth Power Station

  • Travel down East Pde turn into road on left just before Graham Farmer Freeway. Go to end and park tilt in drivers side wing mirror and wait. You will be approached by many people so take your pick and then find somewhere alongthe pathway to enjoy some adult fun. Been lucky a few times with great couples and a few singles. Best Evenings on the weekend Thursday to sunday night. See you there !!

Ridgewood Park

  • Ridgewood park beside duck pond or across the car park in the conservation area.

Quinns Rocks/jindalee

  • On the beach from quinns to jindalee.


  • Woodchester Reserve on Morley Drive.

High Wycombe

  • dead end rd near vacant land and back of industrial area good spot for fun without too much interuptions. something going on most nights. From Kalamunda rd turn down Stirling cresent and then left into adelaide street follow to end and park up.

Woodmans Point

  • in car parks after 8 until late fri sat

Swan River

  • turn onto ivy st off great eastern highway in redcliffe, go to the end, park up, and walk to the river, nice quiet little spot that not many people know about where u can dog while people go past in there canoes and boats :)

Swanbourne Nude Beach

  • all year round fun and lot of activity in the sand dunes

Hillarys-Pinnaroo Point

  • Car park area, leave car there and go to beach sand dunes and both sides have deep bush shady spots that is often visit some people for fun and relief every day all year round. From midday to late afternoon.

Harrison. Island

  • Lot of action all week long from early morn to after dark man on man some times couples

South Perth Esplanade Carpark

  • Go to the carpark. Right of the ferry at the end of road ideal. Place for all has. Garden area an secluded walk area an toilets not many know yet but hopimg this post will get more there

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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212 Responses to Cockington Dog

  1. sharon says:

    Crikey that’s a whole lot of ooshta up the yin yang. And I’m not talking about the Herald.


  2. poor lisa says:

    I just came down with chronic agoraphobia. I never want to go anywhere in Perth or surrounds ever again. Except maybe Cockantle.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rouei says:

      Agreed. I wish I never read this post, it’s ruined Kwinarnia Beach for me even worse than previously- which is quite an achievement…


  3. ronggly says:

    I’m so naive. I started reading this thinking it was a list of places that you could exercise your dog, then the truth began to sink in with repeated “secluded areas”.


  4. Bento says:

    Sweet Jesus. That’s a whole level of Perth vibrancy I hadn’t even considered. Nothing says romance like the back of the High Wycombe industrial area.

    I’ve got $5 says this story is in Inside Cover on Friday.


  5. sharon says:

    Kambalda? Classy?


  6. Grrr says:

    I am curious about how this dogging list was compiled.
    I mean… I frequent at least three of these places (usually during the day) and I had no idea.

    (This is a stunt to drive up page hits, no? Are we about to see TWOP sold off to Perth Personal Pages?)


    • RubyRuby says:

      Grr. I think it is obvious that the list compilation was a joyously enthusiastic communal labour of love.

      Or… love substitute.


  7. I like the “Roe Highway extension MAAAAAAADNESS” story too.


  8. Grrr says:

    Sod it, you need a certificate?

    That seems like a lot of work.


  9. rottobloggo says:

    Nowhere in the western suburbs, apart from Swanbourne??

    Are we not good enough? I see plenty of people walking their dogs by the river.


  10. Russell Wolfe's Lovechild says:



  11. BRIK says:

    Point Peron needs everything it can get.


  12. Pete says:

    Really RR? Was that it? No mention of Innaloo or Upper Swan?


  13. skink says:

    a couple of years ago me and Mrs Skink volunteered as marshalls for the Perth marathon and were stationed in South Perth under the Narrows Bridge just by the public toilets.

    you would not believe the amount of activity in those toilets on a Sunday morning. We had to stand there for six hours, and were so bored we started making trainspotter lists. Surprising the number of station wagons with child seats in the back that showed up. We even saw a Perthonality.


  14. Purple Wyrm says:

    Point Reserve in Bassendean and King Meadows in Guildford are separated only by the river. Do the doggers swim across if there’s not enough talent on their side of the Swan come Fri/Sat night?


  15. ronggly says:

    Well I’m gonna check out the carpark at the Herdsman swamp after dark, and see what passes as “exhibitionist fun”. They’d better watch out for tiger snakes down there, you wouldn’t want to (oh never mind).


  16. Snuff says:

    WTF is ‘gung-go’ ?

    Just a quick TWoP-stop before I head west to Kansai in a couple of days, TLA. Sorry to report no luck with worst in Cairns, as I spent most of my time at Ellis. Granted, omiyage shopping is a worst in itself, but I’ve been here too long to get away with pretending not to know I’m obliged to buy gifts for every single person of my acquaintance.

    p.s. Youse protesteth too much. I reckon you’re all down at Allen Park with your driver’s side wing mirrors tilted in 24/7.


  17. Whaler’s Cove Albany. Larf.


  18. WAtching says:

    Has anyone asked why RR would bee googling dogging locations?


  19. The Legend 101 says:

    Heres a depripsion of where i live:
    . Big
    . Old
    . Newer houses in the richer parts
    . Tiny Schools.
    . Big Roads
    . Busy


  20. poor lisa says:

    I just noticed a more glaring ommission than Upper Swan (home of the spruut comic if I’m not mistaken?) and Innaloo.


  21. Warriortom says:

    Long as there’s no kissing there’s nuthin gay about it. It’s just a couple of mates helpin each other out.


  22. DudeCloverdale says:

    Gerry Archer Ateletcis reserve afetr dark, wing moirrors optional.


  23. Lucky Star says:

    How disturbing. There’s one walking distance from my home. Well, there goes any good feelings I had left about walks in the park…


  24. JRT says:

    You can get some idea of how the Perth real estate market is going by the amount of time a certain well known Western Suburbs real estate agent spends at Swanbourne.


  25. Pete says:

    So, when I’m lanesplitting on the guzzi & people turn their mirrors in, what does that mean? I think your strange braking system is kind of hot? I’m so confused now.


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  27. Pete says:

    Was just on hold with Midalia Steel, apparently there is a game called Dogger on their website. Snicker, snicker.


  28. WarriorTom says:

    So this is where I can get my cock sucked?


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  30. kevin says:

    where can i get my cock sucked


  31. kevin says:

    tell me if you here something


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  34. Perthcouple says:

    Anyone else a member on that wants to hook up at the boat ramp?


  35. RubyRuby says:

    Summer’s coming. Here are some updates:


    The top of Mt Clarence right at the top car park near the monument great spot


    Mead Road off Mandurah Road close to Dixon Daytime and night – cpls males occasional female

    Hyden South East Of Perth

    theres normally a bit of actoin on most early mornings at the wave rock car park ,, many places to park up and many more places to walk and find secluded ereas where couples are often finding themselfs at one with nature ect ,, have had a few nice encounters and have found it never hurts to ask a local whats whats so to speak as they seem to be involved at times

    Fish Market Reserve In Guilford

    dont go weekends. too popular. Around 12 to 2 during the days, and 4 to 9 in the evenings.


    Canning Beach Road, There are quite a few car parks, awsome view of city & boats & free way, car parks are mostly empty during the late night time but crowded on wednesday night & weekends because there is a pub round the corner. Have been there few times, it was an awsome experience.

    Zig Zags Kalamunda

    A nice view with a few points to pull over and have a bit of fun in your car or walk into the bush for a bit more


    south side of new bridge go under bridge into big car park

    Nodesbeach Carpark

    just past hilleries heading north, plenty of action in carpark , but more couples use an area walk from carpak turn right headnorth you will see were the wire fence has been pushed down .

    Dorsett Road Rest Area 12km North Of Waroona 35km South Of Mandurah

    Have been there a few times as a couple parked at south end of car park,started playing around and haven’t failed yet to have someone join us.just on dark has been the go so far,but… try your luck


    Beach Carpak SABINA DRIVE {Opposite CRN of TRANBY RD/SABIN DR} Great lighting, option of complete darknest.. Plenty of deep soft sand dunes, or open viewing spots Stunning, filthy married couple rule the roost their but he is very Bi and she is spanish and gosh they know their stuff Most nights, after 7pm until late… Pull in car park… Honk 1,2,3 times or flash lights, wait for max 5-7mins and its on Highly Recommended

    Mount Lawley

    Off Woodsome Street along Hamer Park and Mt Lawley Senior High School. Drive into the carpark of the bowls club on the corner near the cricket nets at night, has been moderately active lately with a good mix of guys and girls. Best nights are late thursday-sunday.


    rosher park

    Mt Melville Albaby Lookout

    Up top of mt melville up top of look out can view everywhere and see if anyone coming great spot

    Mt Charlotte Lookout

    Park car facing entrance or reverse facing power station any time of day/night be patient

    Thornlie, W.A.

    “Hester” Park far north end of spencer road, white gate, open space+ tree cover oval/park and river, pull up, park up, pull out, pull off, get fukd, sukd, or watch… anythin u like :) most days after 6 oclock in afternoon..

    West Tweed Heads

    seagulls car park at the back near waters edge nice little jetty there nice and place after 9


    Head down milhouse road until you hit the new development, very secluded and lots of places for fun both in and out of your vehicle.

    Serpentine Karnet

    Kingsbury drive lookout. On the left turn just before the bhuddist monastery. If no action, continue up the drive to dam carpark on the right (about 10 km further on).

    Rakoa Reserve, Falcon

    On Rakoa and Cooranga Streets, in Mandurah, Western Australia On the lookout or in the bushes.


    Blue heaven lookout,gravel road between west beach and blue heaven.


  36. Martyn says:

    There’s a park in Noranda with a parking strip that seems to have a lot of activity for no apparent reason of nights. Have been wondering…not on the list, but *something* seems to be up, there. Anyone know?


    • A landlocked boatramp will be a big giveaway.


    • PeteF says:

      Is it a parking strip or a landing strip?


    • RubyRuby says:

      Checked my sources, Noranda not mentioned, but there are some other updates:

      Mt Omni Northam

      Gud place quite good for all hours

      Yagan Memorial Park

      Yagan Memorial Park Lot 39 West Swan Road , Belhus near the intersection of great northern highway and west swan road. single mums and frustrated house wifes, day time dogging. the park closes at 5 pm, stand behind the wall and get blown or jaked off while watching the traffic pass. walk down to the river front bushes for couple fun and dogging. best times between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, remember the gate closes at 5:00pm (cable barrier on a timer) get your kunch time dogging fix. :)

      Shearn Park – Inglewood

      Corner of Carrington and Central avenue in the toilets behind the building at the top of the oval. Toilets open all night and a nice little area. Mainly straight couples recently (nov 12) – its a great location with easy access and exit.


      Drive to the end of trumpeter parade and park up along footpath. Go onto the beach and head south for approx 700-900 meters. Go up into the dunes, very secluded and fairly easy to see anyone coming. Probably better for couples as not yet a high traffic area.


      There’s a secluded area, heading south on johnston rd – just past gemstone.. on the left, it’s a big carpark that was used for the construction vehicles. common haunt for the locals, guys and girls.. lots of regular action – near the old palm trees… evenings mainly


    • Anonymous says:

      That would be because there is a community centre there that hosts clubs in the evenings. As far as I know, none of those clubs are for dogging :)


  37. janezee says:



    • RubyRuby says:

      “Cassandra Cupcake-Grant” – and they take their quotes directly from Facebook…. NTNews, better than Teh Worst at journalism?


        • rottobloggo says:

          “I didn’t see the programme and I’ve never done dogging. However I regard myself as a broadminded adult who’s always thirsty for new experiences. Unfortunately I don’t own a car and anyway it’s too cold for outdoor sex. Could anyone from the dogging community advise me about dogging etiquette when establishing a new dogging territory and then approaching potential doggers? I was thinking of Waitrose in Beckenham. It’s a large store with plenty of quiet corners, adjacent to Beckenham Junction station, so good for a quick getaway. You probably get a better class of dogger there too.”


  38. Harry says:

    Strange to see that…….!


  39. Anonymous says:

    What ! I would like to no how many of these men meet and run home jump into bed beside there wives with a bum full of cum and kiss there kids good morning . Yucko


  40. Bento says:

    I had no idea there could be such a thing as sub-Inside Cover. But clearly there is:


  41. jasbelle says:

    Hi Kylie, yes we are on

    we are under jasbelle send us a message


  42. Katie McFarlan says:

    To the guy just wanking on the beach at Swanbourne in full view and at every young girl just walking past- you have been reported to the police!


  43. The atheist says:

    Surely dogging is a reference to the quality of the participants. I prefer supermodelling……and boy, do I fit right in.


  44. Lovetoplay327 says:

    Heared there is some activities in Dalyellup beach is this true


  45. Marco says:

    Cmon bunbury sluts


  46. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Shopping is the new dogging.


  47. Armadale girlfriend need you for extreme things that we call xxxthe worst says:

    In armadale couple wants group men n woman to come in and party games rol play acting up for anything comment bk if interested


  48. Enjoy the dogging reports, they have the same tone, style and rhythm of the fishing reports in the newspaper.
    Seems there is a good run, time to get out the old rod and tackle box.


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