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Outrage Sunday 224 apoligies 

This outrage has been sent to Bethany. I did pop in, though, to get some mulloway doodles ($79/kg).     I came near to a meltdown at this. No wonder they are no longer with us. Language banditry.     … Continue reading

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BWS. Get your shit together for Australia Day “Barefoot pricks welcome”, “undies but no shirt a prerequisite.” “Shoe wearers fuck off.” On the plus side, Tim Winton won’t be coming in. By Mickey Blue Eyes. !

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Why not, ‘Please reflect on how germ-paranoid we have become’? Honestly. Next they’ll be getting shoppers to sign forms indemnifying the store from any germs on the trolleys. It’s hard to believe Australians stormed the beach at Gallipoli only 98 … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 94 thongs of the fisherman

These pictures sum up our troubled times. They were taken almost on the spot of the 2008 crab carcasses. A humble man’s (or woman’s, but probably a man’s) footwear cast aside. The empty vessel of his refreshment crushed. Pilgrims and … Continue reading

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