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They will not take our potholes

More sign based philosophy. Big on ideas, short on spelling. Three people sent this. This one from Reign of Error. Mosman Park. 

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You might have to be more specific. There’s a lot of that element in 6110. Gosnells, obviously.  

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And France is better

Margaret River by James N. I like the xx.

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Please let me paint dudes with tree beards

Seriously now, this wall mural madness has got to stop. I mean it. Wasn’t I just saying that wall murals were so boring and the most uninteresting idea you could ever have that even SUBI would be doing it soon. … Continue reading

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But remember. This is Bayswater. It’s a shithole.  It is going to be an improvement. Don’t worry about it. Cba (I think) Mr Slim. 

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A Pumping Hand

Some may have noticed my railing on various media against the Ken Done teatowelism that suburban wall murals have become. If your moronic council is sponsoring an art form, dude, it’s played. If a council is not sandblasting your artwork, … Continue reading

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Good one Granddad

Reign of Error documents a piss trough in Cunderdin. I love the dedication of Worst fans. And by the way, cunt flaps. I thought the official term was Bush Flaps outside the city boundaries but whatever Granddad. Rock and Roll.  … Continue reading

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