A strong message

By Ljuke. 

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More Mannequin Madness

Ljuke sees James N’s mannequin house and ups the ante with the addition of a sinister leaking gas cylinder. Banyup? Banjup? In any case one of those suburbs like Southern River that don’t really exist. 

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Cider House Rules

James N. describes a mannequin house. A mannequin house people. If we’re going into ten years, it might as well be with a mannequin house. Location not described. 

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More Fashion deaths. 

Remember this ad the other day that provoked so much (ie little) controversy? Ljuke saw another version where the all powerful (but unaccountably all losers) men’s contrafraternity call into question the doors of perception itself on the same ad. Original ad first. 

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Early Opening

Ljuke shares the sight of this pair trying to get into the (played) Guildford Hotel at 10am. Surely they could find a $20 toasted sandwich and Foxtel somewhere nearby? Outrage’s place perhaps? Now that the novelty has worn off, is it worth asking exactly what the Guildford is? Is it an upmarket renovated pub with high end food? The prices are high end yes, but the result is fairly bog standard. And if it is that kind of place, why are the beers also on the bog standard spectrum? And Foxtel screens? And if not, why is it so wanky? No. It’s played. 

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Outrage Sunday 262 portents

What is going to happen? The collapse in trust of the usual sources is nearly complete. The sheeple saw through the attempted bribe of $10 chicens. Economists, meteorologists, astrologers: hopeless. In Midland they are using Cheezels to divine what will happen with interest rates. img_4579
In Claremont they have turned to cards to decide if they should sell the diamond mine. There are rumours some have reverted to hepatoscopy. img_4594
In Mosman Park they set fire to, er, grass trees to decide just about anything. The smoke drifting across Wellington Street is ominous. img_4442

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Spin Cycle

Very amusing art comment seen in Bayswater. Now this is street art. I would suspect Bento, but maybe not. It’s not Stormie Mills, that’s for sure. A rare not worst on a wall. Drip is not on there. Yikes! Burrrn. 

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