Federal Issue

The Federal Police don’t know how to work a Tarago???!  I am officially alert but not relaxed. This is huge. To. Not. Be. Capable. Of. Operating. A. People mover. Was it setting the clock or tuning in 6PR? in any case. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, I’ll be handcuffed in the back seat of a Federal Police Bongo Van on my way to Albania listening to an ill tuned Basil Zempilas, the green digits of the clock an eternally flashing green 12:00…Northbridge. 

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Royalties for Gentleman’s Club

Senectus saw a wonderful Landcorp investment in North Perth. I would have thought an investment in drink hosties next door might have paid off better. But that’s why I’m not minister for crapholes and baffled bumpkin money toilets. Which is now Brendon Tractor Pull Grylls again no?

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Gateway Bladder

Not so much a gateway drug, as gateway packaging. Kiddies squeezing the last drops from a 20 litre red cordial goonbag would be a sight to see. Wonderful worst by Anthony. Karakatta. 

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Dine In

E. M. Was in the Ravenswood Hotel. Got the Chicen Parmie. In house. Obviously. 

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Outrage Sunday 257 abstract

I thought I’d struck gold at the Cottesloe verge pick-up. Next to a vacuum shampooer box and a Sleepmaker was a gaint egg and spoon! I huffed and I puffed but I couldn’t get it into the Jizz. Didn’t I feel a bit silly when I read in teh Post it was at Sculpture by the Sea in 2011. Mr Tim Roberts installed it outside his home. IMG_4323
More artrages at the Claremont Art Awards. As you would expect, the Flangemaster was drawn to Jarrad Martyn’s oil Laser. “The allure of abandoned cars! Although, would it have killed someone to have painted one on fire as it crashes into a bedroom inhabited by triplets?” You just can’t please some people! IMG_4337
Meanwhile, the Wandana lion keeps watch. One of the keystone predators of the western suburbs. IMG_4326
Predator, or prey? Let’s face it: we’re all just bricks in the wall. Few go beyond the wall. IMG_4331

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More Played

Another street meme seen by Rod W in Victoria Patk. Cones are played by the way. Totally played.

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Kondinin Road, Take Me Home…

Pete F. Took to the Country road where a favourite street meme was seen. If only they were targeting wall murals. I fear Stormie Mills’ paint stained Sigma station wagon will even penetrate this far. 

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