Farewell Drinks

Will be at Frisk Bar on Saturday (23rd) from 6 to celebrate the end of days for those interested.

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As we’re saying cheerio, this faint praising plonked rock cocos growing relentless sky post from Bento should set it up. 

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The East shall rise again

Been trying to get this pro slavery apartment in East Perth for a while. Is this what we’re doing now?

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Dumb of a kind

Excruciatingly bad Matthew Priddis doorstop. Perfect recreation including his midfield speed. By Hutch. York. 

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A photo that is the essence of what the worst of perth has been. Wonderful. Swan Yacht club. By Reign of Error. 

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Outrage Sunday 312 fresh milk

I tried to buy this milk,
Put it in my trolley.
Took it to the checkout:
Supreme act of folly.

Security was called,
The manager white-faced.
I said I’d pay full price
And avoid making waste.

She wrestled it from me,
Eyes dull with opiates:
“Listen to me, you cunt:
“It’s not appropriate.”

I said: “So much depends
“On the white milk selling
“To avoid the red ink.
“Here endeth the lesson.

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JaneZ shares some lovely – although baffling merchandise from my place of work. (keep that in mind if you don’t want xxxxxs as comments). I would like to have one of those.
Thank you for all your great submissions JaneZ. Xxxxx.


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