More Biddin’ on Bondy

Reign of Error grabbed another Bondy bargain at auction. This time it’s Ben Lexcen’s take on him. Lexcen also has a classic year 10 high school style. Probably slightly more skilled than Bondy’s own effort. But he as never going to be an “oil painting” was he. 

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The classics

Although they could have gone Hitler mo, I still say Kudos. Simple and not overdone. Curtin bus station. A simple blackened tooth surpasses every one of the ultra shitty FORM wall pieces at Curtin. By a large margin.

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Oh Bayswater!

I’m liking the cheeky post vibrancy seen in Baysie.  Classic. 

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Biddin’ on Bondy 1

Reign of Error had the chance to bid on an Alan Bond original this week. Those jailhouse art teachers were perhaps better at teaching how to render a key in soap. 

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Outrage Sunday 266 Doorknocking

Only 109 days to go! This “passionate defender of the family unit” paused under teh Pert’s signature foliage in between ringing bells. Across the road, someone not related to Tim Winton is running for the reds. Great West Australians all! img_4855img_3631

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Pulped Fiction 

Seems incredible that there has been no media on this. Rumour has it that Tim Winton’s new book “The Boy Who Wiped it on The Curtains” was misprinted and had to be returned and pulped by Penguin. Where are the news moguls in this? Anyhow, I have always wanted to do some editorial cartooning. It was hard to get Tim’s dead humourless eyes, but I liked the hanged trees that he murdered. 

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Visual Muzak 

Poor bastards in Albany got Stormie Millzd. Not every silence is improved by Muzak. Not every blank wall is improved by painted crap. 

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