Martin LT shares a superb picture. Tableaux, no risk. No explanation required. Bassendean. It’s all just so good. 

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Outrage Sunday 283 I know Jesus is true

Apoligies for the inconvieneince of today’s late OS. I’m still in mourning over no more Fringe. img_5340img_5346
Now the Jesus-bombing season starts, and won’t let up until the UWA book sale. img_5472img_5473
When in City Beach, use the right broom, thank you. This is City Beach Heights, so the house next to this drug addict’s home is for lease for $1150 a week! img_5475img_5476

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War Zone

Pete F. Saw this scene of devastation. Can’t remember where. 

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John Day Must Go!

Can Kalamunda please get rid of the tired old bumbler John Day at this election? On a state level, he’s been such a dill in the Arts (does he even know what an arts is?) And he’s certainly been “no oil painting” in Health, presiding over a series of endless total fuckups. The man has been a disaster. But more particularly what about Kalamunda? “Longest” Day has sat in his awful office while all around him became a wasteland of closed businesses and for lease signs. And under “Dog” Day, Kalamunda has become famous for its ugliness and poor planning. I don’t have the quote to hand, but the suburb has been labelled the ugliest in Australia by some important publication. Even Waleed Aly knows it. Matthew Hughes for Labor is talking education, and whatever, but why doesn’t he say what he’s going to do for Kalamunda and the Hills? Put some photos up of the shithole of broken souls around his office Matty. 

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Le Boozie, or Die Boozie?

Not sure why soap from a Swiss hotel was recently found in an eastern suburbs shed. The Swiss have specific soap just for boozies? Do you soap them in Italian or French? Not in German one presumes. Ouchy!

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Yearning to be yarn bombed

This is the sculptural identity of the pro sink Bayswater station group. I believe it is a group designed to stop any progress in Bayswater by concentrating on something that is not likely and running with that. If you shoot for the stupid – and what a disaster it was in Subi, you can effectively kill off any actually plausible measures. 

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having a crack

It’s time for another police post. First Class Constable Aaron Cocks is looking for two men who can help with his enquiries into a Melville crime. Just after 4am on Australia Day, two men entered a car yard on Leach Highway. They used a jack to lift a vehicle in the car yard and a tyre wrench to remove four wheels and rims. The men carried the four rims to a vehicle nearby and then drove away in a silver 1997–2002 Toyota Camry sedan, with a hub cap missing from the front passenger side wheel. One of the men had a Mohawk. If you have any information about this offence make a report online at or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, where all calls are strictly confidential, and rewards are offered. Please quote Reference Number 8416. 270117-0904-88954-b

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