Vincent B shares something from postcode 2031 – possibly a suicide note. But if you’re going to go, first edit. Then kern. 

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Outrage Sunday 300 survelance persuit

That Smurf-platinumiser Bento will be impressed: I’ve added another string to my bow. I wasn’t content at just being Cott’s Toilet King, and have added Medical Waste Sifter to my resume. This was in Claremont. Krazy Kym googled after looking through my photos and thought it might have been from an arthroscopy. She could be a gerbalist like me!
Nothing was falling off the back of this truck! Those crazy t’othersiders!
I was a bit worried about this – I’d calculated I’d be up for 160 large a year – until I was told it was bogus. The Greens are cross about it. But are Red Sea Pedestrians really white?
Is the warning necessary? This place was impregnable! Gartrell Street, Midland.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and your relentless persuit of happiness!

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Tales from the Cage

Cynthia C notes that the laminator is always the problem, not the slamming gate. Are they really sleeping at 1am, or are they more likely waiting up, perched on top of the fridge with pricked ears and the laminator gently humming? ie, Rolly’s house.cage

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This is a tableaux, no risk. Right? The blue chair?

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It’s no Djueburner, but Michelle T rightly casts scorn at this plate. Yes, we’ve all been there but c’mon. A Subaru with an ironing board? Didn’t ironing boards go out with cerebral syphillis? What an embarrassment on every level.sti


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Serpentine leaning 

By slushpopcorn. I’m not…against it. I don’t think. Or do I?

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