Batch Snatch

Is it time to sack Bayswater Council? These bumblers want to be entrusted with sinking a railway? I wouldn’t think them competent to sink a ratepayer funded tinnie at a sausage sizzle. Against ALL advice, even from their own staff, from lawyers, and from the very people they were submitting to, they were told that their appeal against a concrete batching plant was a complete waste of money. It must have been against a background of open mouthed disbelief from SAT members who had specifically told Bayswater that unless they changed the substance of their bumbling, they would be charged substantial costs – and outright snickers of derision from the public gallery and professional staff, that the council threw $113,000 down the toilet yesterday. For absolutely no reason.
Perhaps the good news is that they now might not have enough cash to fund the risible “mobile parklet” and actor led shambles through the deserted retail spaces of Baysie, (sorry Marcus Graham).
But come on. What the fuck is going on at Bayswater Council? Everyone says what a great Councillor Dan Bull is. It would be a shame if he had to be sacked along with the nongs? Wot fuck? Who knows?
But if the worst happens, there could be some entry level positions in Joondalup, where well known moron, Boyband Jacobs is running for mayor on a ticket of being sucked off by the rapture. true story. Go for it. Why not? The future at Bayswater for idiots and party hacks alike is zero. Might as well join Boyband Jacobs and his sky fairies, sprinkling baskets of blessings over the anti caliphate of the northern suburbs.

What a complete fucking mess.

Read the following without laughing if you can, where SAT all but calls the mayor a lying idiot.

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By Snuff. Singapore. 

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This magnificent knob is just metres from my desk. Who knew! Would an 11 have killed them? By Ljuke. 

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Links Course

Aladair shows golf as it should be played, a la Mandurah. What am I looking at here? Is this a links course? And would a Hahns have killed them?

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cheap eats cheap eats cheap eats

Would it have killed Teh 7West to have written different intros for each chapter? I thought my study had turned into Groundhog Day, with my dog as Andie MacDowell, as I read the same thing over and over. And while we’re being carping and negative, and getting into a tizz over our chicen parmy: why can’t we have a pic of Mexican food? Do they really only have a sausage picture that looks like a Pinder Surprise? Where is the vegetarian report, for those sensible people who believe meat is murder?

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Spontaneous Combustion 

Don J saw some possibly rapture based activity in West Leederville. You can even see what’s left of the spine!  Nice work. 

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Outrage Sunday 304 yeah the boys

Who does this remind you of? He might be the dad of this bloke. Or it’s the same bloke, and the strenuous anti-snoring regimen has aged him cruelly. I wonder what the big book is.
I was speaking with an associate at Wandana. We wondered why a person would keep their barbeque noodles in the fire extinguisher cabinet.
We’ve had some slick souped-up motors on TWOP in the last 10 years. But this…oh boy!
This Kalamunda tableau was near the Hotel Terminus. What could be nicer than being strangled by Hills Barbie?
OK: I have to say I’m disappointed – like Chris Thompson, I am miffed with people WHO SAY ONE THING AND DO SOMETHING ELSE. Or say one thing and don’t do it. Don’t you want to Ubuntu? It’s not related to Cthulhu – don’t be frightened! As Chris says:
“If I don’t get at least 3 turn-ups (as opposed to people who RSVP and don’t turn up, or cancel their RSVP at the last minute) for this week’s Meetup (Why things are the way they are); then this Meetup will be the last, and the group (You can Change the World, not Truth Seekers) will close down due to lack of interest.
“The world will never change if nobody gives a damn. The one certainty is that if we do nothing, nothing will change. As Edmund Burke famously said: ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’.
“It might be argued that because all I do is talk, I’m doing nothing. But talking is not doing nothing: it is letting people know they’re not alone, and giving them hope. If we don’t even talk, about changing the world, then, truly, all hope is lost. The day we stop talking about fighting back, is the day the bad guys win, once and for all, because we’ve handed them victory on a silver platter. The day people stop talking about freedom, is the day freedom dies.
“Don’t you want to know why you are here? That is the subject of this week’s Meetup. If you want to hear possibly the best answer to this question that you will ever hear, come along. Or don’t come, and miss out forever.
“I’ve posted this Meetup on 3 Meetup sites (YCCTW, Resist Perth, and Perth Truthseekers), so if you’re seeing low RSVPs on one site, don’t assume nobody’s coming.”
Cast off your blinkers, and see you there!

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