Outrage Sunday 291 so huge

“I’m only speeding because I need a poo!” They have a vehicle for everything at RPH.
What are you doing to mark the 401st anniversary of the Bard’s demise? Writing a scurrilous ballad about some aspect of WA, I hope. “We wondered, you cunt, that thou went’st so soon/From teh Perth’s stage to the grave’s tiring room.”
“There is a difference between a grub and a butterfly; yet your butterfly was a grub.”
Whatever: it’s going to be so huge. I will build a great mural – and nobody builds murals better than me, believe me – and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a huge, great wall on the Barrio, and I will make TLA & Bento pay for that wall. Mark my words. It will be so huge.

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Bird Beware

A bird discouragement apparatus, cannot have ANY credibility without a proper bird skewering to christen it. Lol. I’m guessing dove. They not too bright. #birdsofclaremont

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Landfill of the Gods

Not even the recycling. Shame. 

If I’ve done this before, I don’t care. Kalamunda. 

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Oh Baysie

Wait, just wait. Just got word that Bayswater’s first wall mural is under way. Am going down there this morning to see…

Later…Oh. Is this it? Where’s the wood nymphs? The tree beard? The children dressed as fairies???? Mind you, if this is Baysies idea of a wall mural, I’m all for it. 

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Worst of a bad bunch

This is the worst piece of art in Perth. I’ve seen a lot of wall murals and this piece of crap is the worst. What do these people think they are doing to our city. What is wrong with them? Why would any person think this is good? Visual Muzak. (There are some at Curtin that are in their own category). This piece has everything that is wrong with Perth street art. Shitty concept of excruciating tweeness. A crime Maylands.

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A Life Lived

Pete F sees a life lived. And in the dunny is Cottesloe style. Isn’t that our life, all of us? A dunny in the beautiful land. A urinal in paradise?

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Outrage Sunday 290 placement of node

You can’t stop the juggernaut of progress that is fibre to the Khyber. This quaint Guildford plea was ignored. What is the go with the NBN? I hear varying reports. Some say it’s like being on the bridge of the Enterprise; others say they’ve had to go back to using carrier pigeons.
Is this, seen by Bento, a portent? A writing pad? You write down your complaints and fax them to the NBN/nbn people?
Why can’t teh West tell it like it is, and say this was a dogging incident?

Merry Easter, however you’re accessing TWOP. May all your lost pets be found, and have an eggcellent long weekend!

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