Another Fitzroy piece by Rrign of Error. The issue certainly needs to be taken in hand, but orgasms need to have equality of opportunity not effect. 

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Reign of Error asks “If an Om sounds in Fitzroy, can a dentist open in Collingwood?” Although slightly obvious on the side of a meditation Centre, it puts to shame Perth’s snorewothy and moronic Redrum. Can that cunt fuck off now?

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No money, no nothing

What can you take from the Art Gallery of WA’s insipid Sneaker exhibition that they are promoting? 1 They have no money, 2 They have no ideas, and 3, most importantly, they have noooooooo money. This is the new blockbuster. Sadly it’s embarrassing rubbish that might have flown as a gift shop promo. Looks like the gift shop is being slashed too. FFS Can the Teatowel not throw these poor bastards a few bucks? Maybe dust off a couple of Guy Grey Smiths and have  a sossie sizzle. 

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Dust Off

Yes, its terrible, but isn’t just about every approved grave as well? Your machine carved Mary’s and no better hand carved Josephs and lambs.  I’m inclined to say fuck off monumental audit officer! Why is there even such a job?  Why can’t I have such a job? No. Let it be. Suffer the little children yeah? There’ll be a grave place activation officer next. Parklets. No. Seriously. Fuck off grave wankers. It’s fine.  Guildford. Yes the same Guildford of the 24 hour licensed Maccas. It’s fine. Leave it. 

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Look at the arse on that horse

Lots of practice drawing horse backsides on this Northbridge mural. The fronts ate def difficult. 

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Outrage Sunday 291 so huge

“I’m only speeding because I need a poo!” They have a vehicle for everything at RPH.
What are you doing to mark the 401st anniversary of the Bard’s demise? Writing a scurrilous ballad about some aspect of WA, I hope. “We wondered, you cunt, that thou went’st so soon/From teh Perth’s stage to the grave’s tiring room.”
“There is a difference between a grub and a butterfly; yet your butterfly was a grub.”
Whatever: it’s going to be so huge. I will build a great mural – and nobody builds murals better than me, believe me – and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a huge, great wall on the Barrio, and I will make TLA & Bento pay for that wall. Mark my words. It will be so huge.

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Bird Beware

A bird discouragement apparatus, cannot have ANY credibility without a proper bird skewering to christen it. Lol. I’m guessing dove. They not too bright. #birdsofclaremont

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