Outrage Sunday 253 Phil Edman finger on the pulse

Who has been fiddling with MLC Phil Edman’s Wikipedia entry? A reader says it has been done to “sanitise an early misdemeanour, excise an unflattering early electoral defeat, and then generally fill the page with chest-beating ‘look at meism’.” Well: there’s been an early misdemeanour, and a later one. Our reader says the sanitising is a direct lift from Mr Edman’s Liberal Party profile. “Hardly the most objective view, though Wikipedia does warn the unwary that the style of the page isn’t quite in mould,” our reader says. “It comes on the back of the Hon Edman getting philthy with nudists, who he thinks should be banned from his electorate (he’s got a nuddy spot down there) on the basis they need protection from pervs. His claim was sparked by one sexual assault that occurred there, and we kind of wondered why he hadn’t put out the call to ban all churches.” Baffling! As has been noted before, Mr Edman does things. I am no digital wizard, but the address of the person doing the fiddling seems to indicate they might be associated with High Wycombe Primary School. The fiddler has eclectic interests: they have also edited articles on the Hon Sean L’Estrange, the Hon Paul Miles, the Hon Graham Jacobs, and Royalties for Regions, Riff Raff, the First Balkan War, Everlast, and Amy Meredith! Edman1Edman2Edman3Edman4

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Outdoor Backside Vibrancy

Who would have thought that Armale would have outdoor art bidets before Highgate! Astounding. Of course the nozzle was clogged so didn’t get a proper go. 

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Shit Ute

NF#1 saw a “country certified” “shit ute” in Baysie. Is that a “Mark of The Knobhead” “Such is Life”? The “IS” seems to have an extra syllable. There’s the inevitable Ned Kelly on the rear, which I’m not going to show you because you already can see it. In your “dreams”. 

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Grab ya Jonathans

Like, mate, wow! TLA asked me to step in for today. I was going to post some public art, or another recently deceased person, or a verge mattress. But Bento sent this from Donnybrook (“obviously”). Phwooaaar! Maybe Shazza will show us her Pink Lady!!?? Way-hay!! How do you like THEM apples! Good morning! IMG_9627

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B Cup

More baffling wheatbelt boozie. Quairiding. 

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Double Boozies

Nice tractor tracks menacing a baffling double boozie tableau at Shackleton in the wheatbelt. 

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Outrage Sunday 252 Barrack Street

As I walked busily down Barrack Street
Talking on my phone, vital things to do
Thinking of what to say and who to meet
I noticed a man who’s legs were askew.

People surged, looked away, and stepped around
Four blokes were pushing and shoving, swearing
No-one was fussed by this man on the ground
His jeans were down; there was only staring.

I couldn’t feel a pulse, his skin was cold
I called an ambo and hoped for the best
Others joined in and started being bold
Then a paramedic looked at his chest.

He was bundled up and taken away
I could resume with my important day.IMG_4163

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