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Outrage Sunday 228 ho ho ho

Apologies for any inconvenence for today’s late OS. The Flangemaster kept bugging me to give him a foot massage last night. Now THAT is Hideous Kinky. He was also rude about Cottesloe’s recently-approved parklet. This is in Guikdford’s Station Street. … Continue reading

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Unless Rapture

Beautiful multiworst submission from Bill O’Slatter. The pencil pines, the Cocoses,the savage blue sky, the brick and tile, the Morleyness – and is that a Queensland Box hiding back there? You’d be positively satanic to refuse that plea to play … Continue reading

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Flamin’ Mongrel

It’s a flamin’ bible you flamin’ mongrel, just be sure there’s no flamin’ homosexuals inside. By Giv.D.Bird. Malaga, or as they say here, Malaaaaaga. Nice high tension pylon in bg. Perhaps that’s why their bibles are always flamin’ on fire.

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Outrage Sunday 44 praise the worst

Ha ha! TLA boasted he will feature many pics of abandoned chairs in odd places: scooped, sucker! How sweet it is to scoop the Flangemaster. I was going to make a  snide remark about the decline of alfresco worship in … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 33 God’s shuttlecock

A week to go: as prayers are affected by the wind, competitive worship is done indoors. Is Santa a Fantapants? Would he die for me, and can he do a vertical jump smash? We’ll never know. Mt Lawley? Maylands? Opposite … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 6

If Salvador Dali had snorted cocaine off the oiled belly of Dr Parnassus and sneezed into an XXX-rated version of High 5 being watched by a jaded Hunter S. Thompson pretending to be Paul Murray writing tomorrow’s column – it … Continue reading

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He died for his sins

Mostly the North Vietnamese didn’t destroy churches, but apparently this local priest did a bit of spying for the South on the side, so they bombed it and killed him. Then someone drew a willy on it. Quite nicely modelled … Continue reading

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A New Hope

I have to go back to WAtching for this, but I am going to have to post several a day to clear the backlog of good material I’m getting. Here is the desolation of hope in White Gum Valley. Now … Continue reading

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Bothering the Botherers

Two graffitis, one from the god bothering community, and one from the god bothering botherers. Don’t you think it a little outre that someone liking God would graffiti  a place of worship? When I worked in film and video, it … Continue reading

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Satan wins Church Battle

Orbea visited a worst I had up a year and a half ago (Satan please use rear door) with an update. The some kind of orthodox place is still fighting satan until the demolition finally turns it into a vanished … Continue reading

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