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Outrage Sunday 272 them

I’m only an ordinary man, so I didn’t understand this, around the corner from the Perth Magistrates Court (and opposite the vanished FESA building). Whatever it was, it stank! Like you-know-what! The world’s going bananas, if you ask me. Thank … Continue reading

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Attack Force Anti Semite

Went to shrine of remembrance (for a piss) and they were selling this piece of crap. Did the Japanese kill Jesus? No. No they did not.  I was born a Tenko man, in any case.   

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Outrage Sunday 178 National Sunday Law

A free book in my letterbox! This was gripping. Basically (I think I have this right) Seventh Day Adventists know the ZOG is about to make Sunday worship compulsory, thus giving free reign to Satan, free $10 chicens, the Pope, … Continue reading

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Pirates 4: Crack of Doom

Arrrr. This be the hellish site that greeted us at the Ace Midland fo’csle afore we had our artistic mainbraces spliced at the latest Pirates of the Caribbean. To be sure, that young salty bogan dog doesn’t mind letting everyone … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber poster boy

“I spotted this while reading The Sunday Times,” says TM. “It’s one half of the I Love Justin Bieber poster. Very fitting for JB.” Yes: the Canadian actor and crooner loves his flower pots. Update: a young person alleges the … Continue reading

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Bowel Me?

Shades of the doodle post, although why someone would take a blade into the toilets of Luna Cinema, I don’t know. Speaking of bowel, I had the misfortune to see Inglorious Basterds at this cinema. I would say sat through, … Continue reading

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Cult Movie

The Worst Of Perth was six months old this week, roughly coinciding with 200,000 views, 250 posts and 5000 comments! Who would have thought the city and the world would embrace worsts so enthusiastically? Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, … Continue reading

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Zombie Brigade

Zombie/vampire Vietnam vets? Well it sounds like it could be interesting right? No. Unlike the other 80’s Perth film I worked on, Day of The Panther which was hilariously bad, and not without a certain campy charm, Zombie brigade has … Continue reading

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Panther in My Heart

Thanks to Slanderer for reminding me about films made in Perth. I should have remembered, because I was involved in a few of the tax write-off stinkers made in Perth in the late 1980’s myself. Day of The Panther was … Continue reading

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