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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.

Tales from the Cage

Cynthia C notes that the laminator is always the problem, not the slamming gate. Are they really sleeping at 1am, or are they more likely waiting up, perched on top of the fridge with pricked ears and the laminator gently … Continue reading

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This is a tableaux, no risk. Right? The blue chair?

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It’s no Djueburner, but Michelle T rightly casts scorn at this plate. Yes, we’ve all been there but c’mon. A Subaru with an ironing board? Didn’t ironing boards go out with cerebral syphillis? What an embarrassment on every level.  

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Serpentine leaning 

By slushpopcorn. I’m not…against it. I don’t think. Or do I?

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Fin de C&B

I have to tell youse pigs that I’m probably going to finish The Worst of Perth at the 10th anniversary in September. A lot of C&B under the bridge in that time no? Still some nice pieces coming in. This … Continue reading

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Michelle T shares the spirit of Claisebrook. And an enthusiastic apostrophe frenzy. 

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