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And there it is

To all my street art friends, or as Wattsie would say, “I wrote for Bob Hope”. There it is. Ten years. Thank you one and all. All the friends met and unmet across four thousand posts and a hundred thousand … Continue reading

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Sad Seal

Tullio saw this on the glacially slow Hobart Airport carousel. No doubt off to Dark Mofo to be beheaded by masked figures and fed to Hyenas in front of a wall of C&B. 

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Love. Hate. Purchase.

TLA is wintering in the TWOP dacha in Camillo, and is now quite literally phoning it in.  Did he expect me to prepare this post whne I’m 6 bourbons deep? Did he fuck.  Or maybe he did, in the same … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 192 more please

They always want more. They never have enough milk or money or socks or sex or holidays or first editions or solitude or gramophone records or free meals or real friends or guiltless pleasure or neckties or applause or unquestioning … Continue reading

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Royal baby scoop!

“Her voice is gently complimented by a carefully considered orchestration, with acoustic guitar, piano, flute and warm strings, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility…” Free and flattering tranquility is what we need after the epic news of the Royal … Continue reading

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White with one

Just ponder this for a minute, while you sip your latte. Fremantle.  By BF.

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Burswood glamour

It was established some time ago that some forms of expression are what my Communication and Culture 102 lecturer referred to as ‘historically and culturally specific’. Let’s add extreme sitting to that list, shall we? First, we have New York … Continue reading

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