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Shondel Loves Kerning

Oh, Clint. A woman will never love a poor kerner.  Reign of Error says, “This is the Pinjarra Traffic Bridge stretching o’er the Murray. I was also crestfallen to discover this wasn’t the finger daubed faeces that I’d initially hoped … Continue reading

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UR Tyres

Lovely registered verge. By KW. They might kern your duco too. 

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A Nalking My Backside!

I weep for the kerning of this nation. What are they teaching the kiddies in school? Unless “a nalking” is a thing. I hesitate to open urban dictionary. Curtin University. At least it’s not in the design school dunnies.  … Continue reading

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The Kunsts Don’t Kern

E.M. saw evidence that Germany kerns – or for that matter hits the space bar for no man. Unlike those crazy Italian word spacers. Awesome Festival. Cultural aka “whoopie doo” Centre.  

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Grease Trap

Had a look at the recent City Beach development, and I was blown away by the kerning on the grease trap signage. Absolutely magnificent! Can there be a better and more picturesquely positioned grease trap? Right on the beach? Can … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 255 slice

The Boulevard shops, City Beach. Love it! What is wrong with people? I was shocked and chagrined when I saw a woman litter in Cottesloe. She dropped her bundle, looked at it, looked at me, shrugged – then got into … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 251 slow

I’m throttling back this weekend. What with the election uncertainty, sharks off Nedlands, a VIP toilet in Subiaco, it’s a good time to bunker in. Mind you, I still look decisive, dextrous, authoritative. Even shopping is a yucky experience. I … Continue reading

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Show us your bins

Leave your bins out? Apparently Bayswater has been protesting every week for the last decade. Come on Alfred Cove! Let’s get this 4 storey development built! Let’s put our bins out and make sure DAPS won’t force us to have … Continue reading

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By NF#1. Maybe fuckets are a thing. In which case, your kerning is a disgrace. I SAID GOOD DAY. Although even Buckets for Jesus would have been worst worthy. Northbridge.

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A nother Day

Pat Seed. I’m just worried a little about the kerning of that A. It looks fine at first blush, but…it’s ok isn’t it? Or is it? 

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