Alexander The Great’s Mansion

Pictures are not really enough to show this extraordinary mega mansion on Gaden Rd Wundowie. Gigantic. Jaw droppingly huge, jaw droppingly bad, complete with massive statue of Alexander The Great, a ferris wheel, football pitch, glass pyramid, water slides, kilometres of columns and statues and even a church. Despite the enormous amount of money that must have been spent, it still looks delightfully half arsed, and the arid bushland setting makes me want to label it magnificent, even though it is one of the most hideous homes you are ever likely to see. Love it. I would give a lot to see the inside. These Macedonians really put Italian bad taste to the sword. Not far from this place, which in real life looks like it’s made of cardboard.

Alexander The Great in Metalwork

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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103 Responses to Alexander The Great’s Mansion

  1. Tony says:

    That last statue is having a wank.


  2. shazza says:

    Holy hell in a handbasket, is that really a house? Fascinating. And yes I too would fork out some big bucks to see inside.


  3. Snuff says:

    I was having a chortle at your wildly imaginative text, TLA … and then I scrolled …

    Is this Rick Ardon’s new place ? That’s him tugging in the last photo, right ? And where’s the monorail in the second last ?


  4. Peter says:

    If you look it up on nearmap you get a better aerial view than the photos google maps took.,116.349775&z=19&t=h&nmd=20100106


  5. Peter says:

    I think there might be a go-cart track around the soccer pitch.


  6. Pete says:

    Monorail or Aqueduct in 2nd last?


  7. Daniel says:

    By some freaky co-incidence when I sent this out to my team, one of my co-worker came running over telling me that this was her Uncle’s house.

    The Ferris wheel, sadly, gets little use but is still fully operational. On the aerial view the big building at the back of the block wrapped around the pool contains a large bar, a cinema and several sets of change rooms.

    My co-worker has offered to line me up a tour… so, whose paying me for the photos :P


  8. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    . . .


  9. BrownBook says:

    Neverland Ranch on the West coast?


  10. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    There have been some shocking crimes committed in the Perth hills.


  11. BRIK says:

    This kind of thing in Wundowie really doesn’t surprise me.


  12. Pete says:

    That ‘entrance statement’ – the fence is higher than the ones around the Perth Zoo. What kind of creatures roam the denuded landscape of Wundowie? Are they keeping the Wundowie yowie out or in? Or is it just fuck off JoVo’s & Mormons?


  13. Pete says:

    Compared to the rest of the joint its practically subconscious.


  14. cott says:

    I’ve been to a 21st here … toga themed! Everything is huge.

    There is a go-kart track!

    Here are some photos


  15. hectic says:

    Strange things happen in them thar hills.


  16. cott says:

    Wouldn’t be complete without at least one … I wish it was a pissing fountain though!


  17. keeper says:

    I think you are all way too harsh!
    If you had travelled inside the grounds (which I have, as this belongs to a great friend), you will see that much time and effort has been put into this home to replicate macedonia itself.
    The owners are still working on it, but it will get there.
    It has a 20+ person spa, amazing. Massive entertainment area, amazing. Massive pool, amazing. and real house size cubby houses, amazing.

    and the 21st was sick, best ever.


  18. Pete says:

    Keeper, did you notice the bits of the intro? TLA nominating this as ‘extraordinary, magnificent, jaw dropping, delightful & then pointing out how poorly the Italians rate in comparison? Props to the masso’s.

    some licence taken.


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  20. The Legend 101 says:

    Nice Statue and house, but why is the ferris wheel deserted thats really strange?


  21. P.Smith says:

    I’ve been inside, it’s not as impressive as you think. Columns, glass ceiling but other than that it’s nothing spectacular. To be honest once inside it doesnt seem very big at all.
    The hall with its theatre, bar, spa & sauna is alot more fun!


  22. P.Smith says:

    And there isn’t a ‘massive pool’ on the property. Just a regular size one.


  23. Bueller says:

    Reminds me of the Pripyat ferris wheel near Chernobyl for some reason…


  24. Gavin L-J says:

    Personally I think the entire property is remarkable…. I for one enjoy history and themed establishments, not that I know of many… There really are not many creative properties in W.A…… I enjoy the fact it appears to have numerous other buildings and in particular a church in the background… What a fantastic property for prayer and retreat…. I could also envisage underpriviledged children, fosters kids and carers enjoying what the property has to offer, castles, chariots, tennis, The oval (Many many uses) Go-carting, Archery etc etc (Is there stables?)…. So many other buildings (What are they)…There appears to have been an absolute mountain of work completed and on such an extensive scale…. The aquaducts, the rotunda etc Love the Alexandrian and Roman styling!!! You would imagine it was created to give joy to people…. This property has been on my mind for a long time, in actual fact I have parked out on the road many times (And No I am not a stalker!!)…. I would have some brilliant uses for it (As would many others I imagine)……
    Dreams or visions are free….. God Bless


  25. The Legend 101 says:

    Dosent look like a mansion to me.


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  27. Anonymous says:

    What can i say, misinformed plebs or twits that jump to conclusions?? All the statues and columns are made on site. That statue thats having a “pull”, is a column topper, of which there are several. Centurians i believe? There is also an elephant, a couple of chariots and loads more. A replica village which is stone and marble cubby houses, with lighting. A train track, go carts, football/soccer oval. The mansion was made with 8 person accomodation, huge spa, sauna, theatre, dance floor. The little shits that decide to take their boredom out on other peoples property and think that they own the town, should be the ones that are the worst in perth. Good on the bloke for spending some of his money in local labour to build what he wants to. Rest of us can admire or ponder why!

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  28. Doug says:

    I have to say, all I see here are comments from a bunch poppy cutting Aussie Wankers with no vision. I happen to know the owner and he is a wonderful man who has done all of that for the benefit of others who visit. He does a lot for children and charity and yes parts of it are run down, but he has a lot more to finish. And he is doing it on his own. Which one of you critics are doing the same of their own back? God forbid Perth have something with character. God forbid there be someone with vision and passion in this town. People like you guys are the reason I hate Perth.

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  29. Janette says:

    This is a good friend of mine’s place. It looks HALF ARSED, because its HALF FINISHED. While the Ferris wheel, go cart track, football field and water slides have been there for many years; the mansion itself only began progress 10 years ago. The design, the statues, the tiles- right down to the crystals on the massive chandelier featured in the centre of the function room, were all carefully designed and or thought out by a lovely gentleman who has a passion for the Alexander The Great story. By the time this man has finished the dream mansion and property he set out to build, I believe it will be a beautiful masterpiece, and people will come from all over the world to see it. In fact, he already has people emailing him from Europe, wanting to come and see it.

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  30. Avon1 says:

    So sardonically witty, most of you. So ready to criticise something that I agree is surreal. Perhaps if you knew the human tragedy that started this off, you might just have shut up. The Ferris wheel, the railway line around the oval, the water slide, the cubby house: all of these were built in memory of a beloved son. He never rode them, never will. As weird goes, it has it all. As fatherly loss and heartbreak and a search for purpose and commemoration go, it is beautiful.

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  31. Eley says:

    The original post I think is quite fitting. It is indeed a structure to be admired. What should be admired more is the story of the beautiful soul who built it and why. My husband did all the tiling inside the house and the chandelier at the time was the most magnificent (in size) in the country. This lovely man works tirelessly on repairs, however it’s a lot of work for one man and as someone who can’t be bothered to clean her own house once a week, I truly admire him for working this task alone. The Lazy Aussie – you should get in touch with this remarkable man and simply ask him for a tour – he is immensely proud of his work and the story behind it and it would give him great pleasure to talk to you. He is a wonderful story teller and I always enjoy my time with him.

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    • tushunka witco says:

      Its called a palace, you uneducated twats..!!
      Go & Learn some history & then you will understand the story it depicts.
      The Man is kind hearted, hardworking down to earth personality type, and his achievements attained, are amazing coming from a man who started with nothing!! You no hopers can only dream about, having visions this insightful…the palace is a replica of the Ancient civilizations which are one of the 7 wonders of the world.
      Most of you people who are critical to My very close friends palace, haven’t even Travelled out of the kangaroo country, No Bali is not travelling bintang
      Go seek some culture, spirituality and educational historical data and then make comment, because I’m sure your aware of the universal law of KARMA understanding what you say in a negative framework produced through Envy and Jealousy, will come back and bite you on your ugly behinds….Ugly meaning your demeaning words that so easily flows from the egocentric humanoid beings most of you incarnated as.
      WE ARE ONE !!
      ONE LOVE..
      ONE Heart…
      ❤ 💛💚 Jah Rastafari
      ( in da Wise words of Mr Bob Marley)

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    • icpmbuild says:

      Hi. Do you think you can link me to the owner? I would LOVE to know more about this amazing place.


  32. Clinton says:

    What is the story behind this place?? Is the owner still living or is it abandoned?? My uncle took me past it many years ago and I have been trying to find it for about 15 years and just discovered this today?

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  33. Vicki harris says:

    Can I come in and have a look around please on Sunday


  34. Cass nicholas says:

    Sadly owner has passed away and up for sale.spent many years here as i lived around the corner from it.Many fun days


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