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Outdoor Backside Vibrancy

Who would have thought that Armale would have outdoor art bidets before Highgate! Astounding. Of course the nozzle was clogged so didn’t get a proper go.  

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The Poisoned Dolphin

The last from Mancey’s Aunt. Somehow mint Atlantis decals for murdered dolphins seem the right symbol for the election. And although that supreme knobhead Emo Simpkins hasn’t lost (yet) the whole night was a laugh a minute. 

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As all of our certainties shift beneath us, must we say Et Tu Betta Curtains? JaneZ notes that a very early “not worst” has turned tail. Gateway to Gosnells no more. All its glory from 2008 is here. 

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High Times

Mancey was “helping an Aunt clean” as the young kids say. He came across these wonderful souvenirs of Hilite 33 from 1979.  Mancey Sez, “When you went to this joint in 1979, they offered to take your photos and present … Continue reading

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I’m Not OK

Look I have to admit, blogging whilst drinking vodka has been problematic for me. I’m calling it. I’m admitting a major problem. I regret that blogging while drinking heavily has led me to make many, MANY statements I haven’t regretted. … Continue reading

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To hair

I don’t see this as a mistake. It’s a masterpiece of modern English usage. With a refreshing use of the apostrophe.  Northbridge.  

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Working for you. TWOP ethics meeting. Photos by H.  

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