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Well deserved 24/7

Still hard to stop laughing about Guildford. They protested against apartments next door to the oddly disappointing Guildford Hotel , so now they are getting a 24 hours McDonalds! Priceless. Will the rub and tug have to go 24 hours … Continue reading

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Not Golden

Chris D shared a Gosnells building so perfect, that I’m assigning it immediately to not worst. That it’s not golden is the best bit. 

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The elixir of freedom

By Bento. Bayswater. Perfect, although would a baking blue sky have killed him?

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Art controversy divides effetes and wankers. 

My own art divided coffee sippers in Cottesloe this week. My rubber stamp picture had  coffee drinkers up in arms about how it disrespected shark attack victims. This is while they ordered cake and lattes at the same site. Featured … Continue reading

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Martin LT shares a superb picture. Tableaux, no risk. No explanation required. Bassendean. It’s all just so good. 

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Le Boozie, or Die Boozie?

Not sure why soap from a Swiss hotel was recently found in an eastern suburbs shed. The Swiss have specific soap just for boozies? Do you soap them in Italian or French? Not in German one presumes. Ouchy!

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Tow it!

Reign of Error presents a true blue fucken tableau in Cottesloe. Ignore the kerning. It’s all just beautiful. 

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