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Outrage Sunday 265 fack you

What do you need when you’re living in an “excitement pocket” in Subi (apart from a levitating pool girl?? Your in-house gardener, never without a glass of upside-down cab sav. At least there are no bulging foreheads. Ah, Subi. The … Continue reading

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Survival of the fashionable

Dead wrong Pete F. It’s all about the death toll. Formerly Seaview Tavern So Fro, now SeaviewX So Fro.  

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Vibrant Bush

Bento claims that full bushes are not back. They are back, and they are modern and vibrant as hell. Also still not played is naming things after royalty. The imaginatively named and oddly deserted Kings Square precinct. 

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Outrage Sunday 259 Erewhon

My associate Mr Higgs and I were at large in Dianella, looking for earthly paradise, or at least a place that wasn’t a dystopia. I think Mr Higgs might have gone for the Hello Burger, but he wasn’t in his … Continue reading

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Lillee Marsh Lies

The what doesn’t what now?  Doesn’t this go against everything that Lilllee Marsh stood for? Sinking piss and sporting? Lies.  

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Triple Threat

NF#1 returns with this. Is fly screen door fitter not an option? Midland. (N) IGA. Is there still a Natalia to be a fan of NF#1? This sounds like a Cold Chisel song. 

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Our friend’s electric

Bx sends one all the way from San Antonio Texas. I prefer a conventionally aspirated one, but…

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