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Pure Slut

Apparently. By Chris D. There’s a relentless Perthness in all aspects of this. 

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Claremont ain’t got no..?

What? Post vibrant serial killers? Render? Setbacks? Registered lawns? Be more specific demands Pete F.

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Infested with cocks

Can glory holes be said to be “infested” with cocks? Isn’t that their natural habitat? Populated maybe. In any case, a scene as interesting as a cock hole infestation has surely passed Leederville by some time ago. By Mark G. 

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Outrage Sunday 280 Coconut Run

It’s not quite a gold Torana of the soul, but this Stirling Highway scene was spiritually enriching. There’s gold in Caversham – but not of the shiny sort. If that doesn’t signal the driver, then nothing will. You used to … Continue reading

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Point Percy

I’ve always called Point Walter Point Percy. Reign of Error shows why. Driving a Volvo, you’re already kind of in C&B territory. 

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Ha ha

Is this the laugh of justice by a street art obscurer, happy at restoring at least some decent blankness to Perth’s walls? Or is it the maniacal laughter of the retagger, reclaiming the wall for the wood nymphs and beard … Continue reading

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Tall Timber

There may be New York style and Perth style C&B, but Newport Melbourne style could expect a warm welcome wherever they hang their hat. By J J.

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