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Pubic Murals

They do. They really do. By Steve M. Fremantle.

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This better be a nudism shop, or I’m going to have to take issue with this bare. Since it’s Fremantle, the changes underway will be closing down and shifting to Maylands. By Pete F.

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Fresh Air Zone 

Blowin documents the fresh air zone behind Gino’s in Fremantle. Stress at the closing of yet another ugg boot shop, or a celebratory ciggie on the welcome departure of the traitorous Cock-Burn Thunder? They hilariously left hapless Freo with a … Continue reading

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Animals, food, thinking. 

Have I not put this up before? Can’t find it. Wonderful Sydney Bongo Van finding its spiritual home in Fremantle. #Chris D.  

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Al fresco desert

Yeah Right shared what he describes as a failure of taste, class and understanding. And yes it does seem to be a Simpson Desert of vibrancy in Fremantle. But at least it’s not an out of business ugh boot shop … Continue reading

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Thalidomide Wrap

The appallingly awful insult to John Curtin statue has finally been transformed, possibly by Christo himself into something a little more interesting. One of Perth’s most inept bronzes, kind of looks OK wrapped. Thanks to SW for the pic. It … Continue reading

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Please don’t bronze Pavlich

Although another terrible bronze to mock would be a distraction from the other terrible bronzes in Fremantle, particularly the appalling Bon Scott and the thalidomide John Curtin. The West’s (soon to be writing Bennett’s Beat for the Sunday Stokes?) Ben … Continue reading

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Your Mews, your choice

Stephen P shares this baffling sign from the mean back mews of Fremantle. It’s an led flashing sign. Can dogs read? Can they read better if the sign flashes? I hope they (dogs or owners) are crapping up a storm … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 236 smoke a cone

I’m sure they don’t mean a traffic cone, either. It is one of the fragrances of the beautiful harbour city, along with sheep shit, patchouli, hair oil, exhaust fumes, suppurating tuck pointing, burnt coffee, and the roistering sizzle of cunac … Continue reading

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You’re told Cockroach

So perish all Parklet moguls. Pete F. Freo.      

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