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As we’re saying cheerio, this faint praising plonked rock cocos growing relentless sky post from Bento should set it up. 

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Boab Drive

Quinns Rock. By Bento. The circular window in the centre of brick wall also worth the drive. Was that once the other side of a double carport? Nice also, the understated “ironing board” on the back of the car.

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There’s something quite beautiful in the restraint in this piece Bento saw in Belmont. I kind of like it. No sprutting. Would have been too easy to have tried to slot a C&B in. Although would it have killed them … Continue reading

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Keep Flying

Unlike other groups of areseholes and knobheads, car flag wallahs have been as scarce as autumn, winter and spring rains. And summer rains. But kudos here. But is this Coles style early Xmas  tinsel, or is it lazy  xenophobia from … Continue reading

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The Kaiser

Bento went to Sydney, and, if you can believe him, there were no worsts apart from this! He suggests that because the name is Kaiser, there should have been a Hitler mo – in a kind of vertically integrated joke. … Continue reading

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The elixir of freedom

By Bento. Bayswater. Perfect, although would a baking blue sky have killed him?

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Bento urges, nay begs youse pigs to remember that the most important aspect of fake lawn is that you never have to weed it. Please remember this. It might be the most important thing you dogs ever read. Bayswater. 

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I can never resist a discunt. Like a Wanneroot. I have to say dis cunt, dat cunt, whatever cunt. This one from Bento In Bayswater. It’s pure Future Bayswater.

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Inflatable World

Where Bento finds that you can Frain, but having done so, cannot Re Frain. Frain once and move on losers. 

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Farce Majeur

Bento wept as he sent this-Wait, he did! What!?? It was Skype you Rainmakers!!-#truestoryfuckofffuturecunts. I know we’re always announcing Bayswater has reached rockbottom in the humiliation stakes, but this…is…different. Is there a level *below* cartridge world? The Slave 457 visa … Continue reading

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