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Whinger Log

Here is the caller log from the interview the other day. What a bunch of whingers! (Not you Mez). I think they were missing the point that it should be funny. Ai YA! Rude Kiwis, Brits and South Africa ruining … Continue reading

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They hunt for worsts…

But is he better than the parent who gave to society a neurotic child who became a graphic designer? Is he better than the manufacturer who set up belated foundations with the money he made by organising B&S Balls for … Continue reading

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When The Chong’s Away…

…the C Listers can play. Since you liked the A list pic so much, here’s a brief sample of Perth’s C Listers. If Scaffidi, Chong and Zempilas are already booked to open skate parks, call on these guys. They don’t … Continue reading

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Brock Mystery Deepens

Some light may have been shone on the metal head recently featured, with this cryptic story in the Hills Gazette (or was it the Banjo Players & Albino News?). It does nail down the fact that it is Brocky not … Continue reading

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Ben Elton, Fuck off we’re full! Irrational Hatreds #3

You know who shits me? Ben Fucking Elton. How long can one man rely on Margaret Thatcher being a cunt and writing some of Blackadder? Blackadder gets you some slack for bringing out one crap book, but surely not thirteen. … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 57

A little briefer today as getting ready to go to China tomorrow. I thought I should give communism one more go. But first, Shocking Asia on a biscuit, Cookster has a new vest! Really. Compare and contrast. Or is it … Continue reading

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Barassi, dumbarse or plonker?

I wonder whether the ludicrous Melbourne press coverage of a 72 Year Old Ron Barassi making a dickhead of himself contributed to Operation Overkill here in Perth. It’s worth seeing the footage of old Ron getting a kicking to make … Continue reading

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White Supremacist Goal Finally Achieved

Or, “The House Jack couldn’t burn.” Have had a few posts recently on faded Chinese restaurants, (with more to come), but The Man Lin in Karawara is one of the most interesting. This is one of the restaurants that The … Continue reading

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