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Who is the dude?

What on earth is in the water in the name and shame command centre for Perth streets? Maybe a dose of Valium is called for? If not naltrexone – if that’s still a thing. What’s going on in there? This … Continue reading

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Welcome to Loser Town Loser. 

Still laughing at Reign of Error’s Bibra Lake expose. What total loser would live in the Cock-Burn enclave of Bibra Lake.  Particularly on the corner of Renewable and Solar. Or Sustainable and Aspration! Way to reduce property prices! Is this for … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 193 The Humanity Avenue

We want the finest humanity known to, er, humanity. We want it here, and we want it now. It is here, in the Perry Lakes development. Imagine calling the ambo from your home. “It’s near the intersection of Equality and Destiny.” Is … Continue reading

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Tone it

Tone it or get off the pot. NF#1. Warwick. NF#1 claims to have lived here. No doubt on the corner of Penistone and Cockman.

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Fellow travellers

As soon as street festivals become popular, the drug dealers soon make their appearance. Along with other undesirables luring in the middle aged with their promises of giant hover phones in the future.

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Stupid roundabout in Geraldton

Says Orbea. Sounds like someone had to ride a bike all the way there. Into a northerly smelling of Eneabba. With bonus Vibe nightclub. And cocii.

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Great Eastern Highway

For god’s SAKE. Great Eastern Highway is so famous it gets the Wiki treatment – and yet our Flangemaster has not added it to the guide. Albany Highway is Bourbon Street, yet GEH still has nothing. It’s a fucking outrage. … Continue reading

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