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The Brown is Coming Down, 2008 to 2021 are youse vibrant yet?

When The Worst of Perth started in 2007, did we expect that things would be better a decade and a half later? Did we even think about it, or did we just live and make love in the moment, shoving … Continue reading

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The Tears of Justice

Pete F sees the tears wash away the recriminations of the butt victims in Cottesloe. Time can heal all. 

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Shondel Loves Kerning

Oh, Clint. A woman will never love a poor kerner.  Reign of Error says, “This is the Pinjarra Traffic Bridge stretching o’er the Murray. I was also crestfallen to discover this wasn’t the finger daubed faeces that I’d initially hoped … Continue reading

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Amazing these graphic wraps on cars. Is Adam West even cold? I

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God knows

Cynthia C. Tells us that her CBD (not C&B) apartment complex’s Hills Hoist is a crime nexus. Crimes of fashion, crimes of theft, and worst of all, crimes of graphic design and kerning. 

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Outrage Sunday 217 no dice

No wonder I’m a tempranillo man. No-one’s going to drink your chardonnay if you can’t get the dice right. Now you’re going to have to have No Junk Mail stickers on your car! Why oh why hasn’t the state government … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 216 V CHINA

Nicely done, madam. Bento notes: “Abbott has pushed this country so far the right, we’ve got people goose-stepping towards Mends Street.” They were simpler, gentler times in 2009, when people smiled and wet their pants. May I talk about myself … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 200 bogan customs

Keep on truckin’…is it me, or can I see Alan Bond’s face? That pea-grubber Bento pipes up: “The signage doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in their artistic ability.” Location undisclosed. I’m indebted to APILN for the latest Furze Platt news: it … Continue reading

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From the pixel to the boozie

Have we reached the peak of terrible wine labels? Could anything be worse than this? Let me make it clear that the pixellation is on the label, not my photo. Can we not have nips on a $50 bottle of … Continue reading

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How many should I have?

Candice sees a lovely family moment at the airport. Perhaps a stock photo snafu? Photographer faux pas? Graphic design cock up? In any case, he should have 2. Perth Airport. By the way, I am going on holiday. I may … Continue reading

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